Some Gaming Memorabilia I have bought

This is a bit of a random one. I’ve previously talked about Artbooks that you need in your life so thought today I’d just talk about some game collectibles I own/have boguht for someone else because that kind of thing needs reviewing.

A shout out to Fangamer as they are the ones who stock a lot of cool things. Their customer service is ace and they send you cool treats in with your swag (last time someone sent me a cool picture of Strago from FFVI!! I was well chuffed!)

Read on if you actually care what I own.


Battle on the Big Bridge’s Score looks like a Big Bridge

Quickie since I missed Saturday’s update.

I found this:

Battle on the Big Bridge Score

I think it’s the score to Final Fantasy V’s Battle on the Big Bridge:

All I can tell is it says “Final Fantasy V” and… it kind of looks like a big bridge. I don’t have a source I’m afraid :(

Bay Bridge a.m.

That’s all. Here’s a picture of Gilgamesh:

Gilgamesh FFV Excalipoor this is far from the strongest of Swords

And another because why not:

Gilgamesh morphin time

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Video Game Valentines 2015

I drew my girlfriend some pictures for Valentine’s Day that were Video Game related so thought I’d put them here.


I posted this one over at My Shadow Hearts Blog. The joke is, they are Valentine Family. L-R: Hilda, Joachim & Keith.


This is Lance from Pokémon Yellow.


This is Lucian from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. He has a Bronzong who uses Calm Mind.


Edgeworth from Ace Attorney


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Review

So, one of the best Early Final Fantasy games is Final Fantasy IV. over 15 years after the initial release, they made a sequel to this much beloved game. Ladies and Gentlemen, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV The After Years

Console: PSP
Better/Worse? Worse, but a pretty decent game
Anything really important to mention: Save all your tales onto separate files. Save all your tales onto separate files. Save All your tales onto separate files!

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Highgrounds Review

Hi guys, going to speak about a cool free browser game that I got addicted to over Christmas. You can play it over at It’s by a small company called Heart Shaped Games and I think you should check them out.

Highgrounds logo
you sta
Console: Browser
Type of game? Kind of a mix between online trading card game and turn based strategy.
Casual/Hardcore: The campaign is easy enough, whilst being challenging but some of the players are very clever!

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Final Fantasy IV: Interlude Review

Here is a review of one of the most unnecessary games ever. It’s called Final Fantasy IV: Interlude and it takes place 1 year after the amazing Final Fantasy IV in preparation for the actual sequal – Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Cover

Console: PSP
How long is this game? About 3 hours
Why does it exist? To explain some things that will happen in After Years but you really don’t need them explaining.

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How the internet changed the bingo gaming arena?

Hi, guest post today because I’m unable to be here. A bit of history on how the Internet has changed gaming, especially bingo. I’m not very bingo savvy myself, but I hope you enjoy. Tune in next week for some Final Fantasy ranting.

Xbox on Holiday II

Online gaming!

Internet has changed a lot of things around us in so many different ways. Today the way we consume the electronic media has undergone a massive makeover. Online gaming and social interaction have become a part of our lives. Furthermore, with the invention of mobile devices and smartphones, internet consumption has increased even more. Admist all these changes, how can a popular game like bingo be left behind?

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review

You know, I’ve only reviewed one film on my blog before. Nautrally because this is a game review blog. I make exceptions for game related films. Somehow I forgot that I’d seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Not just once but multiple times. So it’s long overdue but here’s a review.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cover

Console: Errr well it’s a film based after the events of PS1 success story Final Fantasy VII
What does it have to do with FFVII? It’s set after the main events of the game and the main characters of the film are also the main characters of the game.
Worth watching? I like it. If you don’t know FFVII it’s … weird but still fun. If you do, why not.

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Chess Evolved Review

hi guys, today is a review of a Facebook game called Chess Evolved. If you’ve got Facebook, are into chess CCG/TCG style games -give it a try. This isn’t Farmville or Mafia Wars, I promise, it’s decent quality. It’s an indie dev made by a guy called Jo, so continue to support Independent developers and give Chess Evolved a go.

Chess Evolved Title

Console Facebook (wow, Facebook is a “console” now)
How is this different to Chess? Although it’s played in a chess style, the pieces have different functions and they can upgrade and grow as you progress. It’s a digital trading-card/chess game.
Trading Card game? On PC? Essentially you have a “deck” and you choose which pieces you want to play. You essentially build your own chess style army.

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Final Fantasy IV Review

Hi all! I’ve commented a few times before that I really like the music from final Fantasy IV. I also named most of my party from FFVI after FFVI characters. Yet I’ve never played this game. Until now. Ladies and Gentleman, Emma finally reviews Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV PSP Cover

Console: PSP (Yes, that means I’ll be reviewing “Interlude” and “After Years” at a later date
Compared to others in the series: The first in the series where you have a large emotional connection to the characters. Definitely paving the way for FFVI to be the epic that it was.
Best Character: That. Is TOUGH. In terms of playability? I’ll stick with Cecil. In terms of character, I’ll choose Edward.

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