Cutscenes on PS2 keep lagging? How to fix this problem

Hi guys, for ages now, I’ve had this problem with the PS2 (Note: We have a European, “Fatboy” style PS2, but the fix is pretty much the same for all of them, I gather) – any time we played a game with cutscenes (I play a lot of JRPGs so it’s pretty much every game) the cutscenes become unbearably slow to load.

Anyway, here are a few common solutions:

  • Use the “Settings” within your PS2 to go into “Diagnostics” mode. I think this supposedly tells it to “skip anything if it sticks for too long” but I’ve yet to see it work.
  • Use a disk cleaner. Might work if your PS2 is fairly new/well maintained, didn’t work for me
  • Take PS2 apart, take the disk tray apart and clean the disk reader – this worked for me

If you have another fix, please add it in the comments.

I’m going to talk about how my girlfriend Jo fixed it. She is a writer and doesn’t do a lot of DIY/Maintenance so you can do it too! It’s slightly tricky, but fear not, you just need the right tools.

Burnout Dominator Review

Hi all, another review of a PSP game that came with my PSP. Today it is Burnout Dominator and how I feel about that.

Burnour Dominator Cover

Console: PSP
Compared to other racing games: Really love it. The only racing game it can’t compare to is Mario Kart but that’s almost impossible to beat.
Best thing about this game: Being able to smash other drivers into the wall.

SSX On Tour Review

Hi guys, another random game I happen to own via owning a PSP. SSX On Tour. I’ll say this much, before played this game I didn’t even know what SSX was so…

SSX on tour PSP Cover

Console: PSP
What is this game? Like Tony Hawk but for snowboarding
Compared to Tony Hawk? Just… eh.

Fifa 10 Review

Hi guys, welcome to another review of a football game – Fifa 10 for PSP.

Fifa 10 psp cover

Console: PSP
Compared top other football games: I liked this one better
Are you any good?: … No

LittleBigPlanet Review

Hi guys, today I’ll talk about LittleBigPlanet. There are 3 in the series and I played the first on on PSP.

Littlebigplanet PSP

Console: PSP
Genre? It’s a puzzle-platformer that also allows you to create your own puzzle/platforms.
Opinion: I’m a fan of the actual gameplay but don’t actually care about the customisable stuff.

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World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition Review

Oh boy, I played a football game called World Tour Soccer! You really want to hear my review of it!

World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition

Console: PSP
Have you ever played a football game before? Yes, it was for the Sega Mega drive and it was awful.
did this change your mind? Not really, no.

On My Own Review

Hi all, time for another Kickstart review, today it is On My Own by Indie game designer, Beach Interactive. It is a single player game that allows you to explore a forest, and make your own adventure. You can buy it on Steam: On My Own by Beach Interactive.

On My Own

Console: PC
What kind of game is this?: A game where you can endlessly explore, and build things, in a throwback pixel style.
What’s the goal? Whatever you want it to be. Not dying is a good goal.

Pokémon White 2: Normal Party

Hey dudes, here is my most recent Normal Type party!
Just to remind you this is the 6th installment in a series of my Normal Type Pokémon. This is for White 2. And you can follow me on PokéCharms where I post this art too.

White 2

OK, so we have:

  • Winifred – The Unfezant
  • Viktor – The Audino (once again, I drew a really small Audino, they really aren’t that small)
  • Argilla – The Zangoose (Named after Argilla from Digital Devil Saga)
  • HRE – The Watchog (HRE is short for “Holy Roman Empire” and he is named after the Hetalia character because they both look like fat hamsters)
  • Lola – The Slaking (Named for the protagonist of “Run Lola Run” because as a Vigoroth she had red hair like the girl in the film)
  • Artisson – The Dunsparce

EVENTUALLY I’ll do one for X/Y but I dunno when!

Second Quest Review

Hi people. Sorry for lack of updates on my part. I’ve just moved house.

Today I’m going to review a graphic novel that is related to games: Second Quest by David Hellman (who did the art for the game Braid) and Tevis Thompson (who writes articles about video games like Zelda).

Second Quest Graphic Novel

50 Songs from Final Fantasy that you must listen to before you die

Yeah, apologies for the stupid title.

This post is all Scott‘s fault. He sent round an e-mail that was like “here is the best video game theme EVER”. I forget what it was (it was from Grand Theft Auto, I know that much) but my response was basically to send around a million other video game songs. Basically, poor Scott didn’t know what he would unleash.

I did promise not to send around 50 songs from Final Fantasy but I’m not going to lie, it’s really easy for me to get a list together.

I apologise in advance because I kind of did this before but… Oh well.

I am moving house, so I’m sorry that I’ve not reviewed a game in AGES.

Without further ado, here are 50 songs from Final Fantasy…