How to play Stoic Mode in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Hi guys, do you remember I called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy the most essential game for anyone with a 3DS?

Well, recently I discovered Stoic Mode.

What is Stoic Mode in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy?

Stoic Mode is where you play the game as normal, but none of you characters have any abilities equipped or any items. This effectively means you are playing with raw stats only. Monsters are harder to kill and it is easier for you to die.

Slight gameplay changes in Stoic Mode:

Field Music in Stoic Mode

Field Music Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Lightning

When playing a field music song in Stoic Mode, you do not get a Chocobo. I think the notes may be slightly different for what is usually the “Chocobo” part. It also means you do not go as fast and getting things like Moogles and Chests is more difficult.

Battle Music in Stoic Mode

Battle Music Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

When playing a battle music song in Stoic Mode, you do not get a Summon. The notes are very different and there is no “break” in the song for your hand to have a rest – this makes the song harder to play. Depending on your characters, and the song you’ve chosen it means you’ll do either more damage to the enemy (if using characters with high Attack and a song with lots of notes) or less damage to the enemy (if using characters with low Attack and a song with fewer notes).

Event Music in Stoic Mode

Event Music Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Yuna

When playing an event music song in Stoic Mode, you get the shorter version of the song and the score you get for notes is weighted differently than if you were playing it regularly. This can be either good or bad. If you find the song quite hard to complete, it’s good because it’s shorter. If you find the song quite difficult to get a high score on it’s more difficult because you have fewer notes and therefore a smaller number of notes you’ll allowed to not get a “Critical” score on. For example, a song with 300 notes, you can probably miss up to 30 notes and still get an S-Rank, but a song with 50 notes you can only miss about 5.

Getting a Stoic Bonus to get SS and SSS in Stoic Mode

When you complete a song in Stoic Mode, you get a Stoic Bonus! It adds 2,000,000 points to your score! Wow!

Scores in Theatrhytm are broken down like this

7,000,000 – 8,999,999 (7,999,999 is the max number of points you can get without a Stoic Bonus): S
6,000,000 – 6,999,999: A
5,000,000 – 5,999,999: B
4,000,000 – 4,999,999: C

And so on (I’ve never gotten less than a C and not failed the song…)

But with Stoic Bonus, there are 2 new ranks that open up!

9,000,000 – 9,999,998: SS (ie S-Rank + Stoic Bonus)
9,999,999: SSS (All-Critical + Perfect Chain + Stoic Bonus)

Have fun! My new goal is to SS everything (I know for a fact that SSS is impossible for me haha). The only 2 songs I have yet to get an S-Rank on are


The Worst Super Hero Games Ever

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Superhero movies have dominated the summer movie season the last few years, and with the quality of films such as Thor, The Avengers, and X-Men: First Class it’s not difficult to see why the superhero genre has been so successful at the box office.


One realm where caped crusaders haven’t always fared so well, however, is on video game consoles. Some games were rushed to market as move tie-ins, while others were just poorly conceived and constructed. Regardless of the reasoning, the following superhero games represent some of the worst of the worst (in no particular order).


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30 Days of Final Fantasy: Fran


30) Fran

The final picture in this series. I couldn’t draw Balthier without a corresponding Fran, could I?

I like Fran: she’s sexy and she kicks ass. I find her to be an interesting character and it’s a shame that they revealed more about her skin than her background and personality. Not that I’m complaining too much because hey, nothing wrong with a bit of sex appeal when used in the right way (she’s a warrior that comes from a jungle. It’s hot, and she doesn’t need proper armour because that would imply she’d plan on getting hit…).

30 Days of Final Fantasy: Steiner and Beatrix

steiner and beaxtrix

29) Steiner and Beatrix

Out of all the romantic pairings in Final Fantasy, I think this one is my favourite. Both characters (from FFIX) start off as rather unlikable but they both get really good character development and end up falling for each other and it’s really sweet. It also helps that they are both badasses when it comes to battling.

30 Days of Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm


28) Theatrhythm

If you have a 3DS you need to play Theatrhytm Final Fantasy – it is a fantastic spin off.

The picture above is the party I use when I don’t want to fail a level. They all have high HP and/or good healing skills.

  • Snow – FFXIII
  • Prishe – FFXI
  • Cecil – FFIV
  • Minwu – FFII
  • It’s weird because I’ve not played any of the games that these characters appear in – except FFII in which Minwu doesn’t really get a personality – so it’s fun trying to make them interact.

    Seriously, how does this game work? Do the characters dance to attack the enemy or what? I’m imagining Snow pirouetting and whacking an enemy with his coat.

    30 Days of Final Fantasy: Dragoons


    27) Dragoons

    A trademark of the Final Fantasy series is the “job class” system. Different characters have different jobs and different jobs mean different abilities.

    The Dragoon job class is a recurring one. Dragoons (in Final Fantasy) are characters that attack with spears and are pretty light on their feet – in fact, they have a unique ability called “jump” where they jump into the air and come crashing down on their enemies.

    Here are some Dragoons that have appeared in the series:


    Ricard (Final Fantasy II – The first Dragoon)
    Kain (Final Fantasy IV – The definitive Dragoon)
    Cid (Final Fantasy VII – a modern representative of the Dragoon)
    Freya (Final Fantasy IX – A Dragoon who dresses like a Red Mage)
    Kimahri (Final Fantasy X – A Dragoon with Blue Mage abilities)

    30 Days of Final Fantasy: Music

    Dissidia Band

    26) Music

    In Dissidia 012 (and Dissidia) you can equip certain characters with bells and other musical instruments. Only 6 charatcers can equip instruments, so I thought I’d draw them in a glam-rock band together. We have:

    Singer: Bartz (Final Final V) – in Dissidia he is able to mimic everyone else’s voice, so obviously is the singer.
    Sax: Kefka (Final Fantasy VI) – His ultimate weapons are flutes, so it makes sense for him to play a woodwind. I imagine he is the only one with the lungs to play sax.
    Electric Guitar: Prishe (Final Fantasy XI) – Prishe is very energetic and I can imagine her throwing her hair around whilst jumping on the drums or sliding on the floor.
    Bass Guitar: Firion (Final Fantasy II) – in FFII Firion is pretty reserved and doesn’t say a lot. I could imagine him being the stereotypical “broody” bass guitar player.
    Synth Keyboard: Terra (Final Fantasy VI) – I find that a lot of keyboardists tend to be girls soooo by sexual discrimination, I put Terra here.
    Drums: Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII) – Drums are hard man, you have to move all your limbs independantly. Helps if you can stop time.

    Final Fantasy has some really great music. Both original songs and remixes are great. I went to Distant Worlds in 2012 and plan on going again in 2014.

    Here are some of my favourite tracks from the games:

    FFI: Matoya’s Cave

    I think this one is so uplifting and happy

    FFII: Battle 2

    The final boss music! This is fantastic!

    FFIII: Battle 2

    Boss music – I love the dubstep remix going on here!

    FFIV: Theme of Love

    FFIV has some cracking boss music, but this song is particularly lovely so thought I needed to include it.

    FFV: Battle on the Big Bridge

    Gilgamesh’s battle music – this song is epic! It has been remixed many times for different games in the series, but it is great!

    FFVI: Dancing Mad

    The final boss music fro FFVI – honestly, this is one of THE MOST EPIC boss musics in a game ever! I have my fingers crossed for seeing this live, honestly.

    FFVII: J-E-N-O-V-A

    Jenova’s boss music. This song is a dance track all by itself, but I really love the Dissidia version – it is so funky!

    FFVIII: Force Your Way

    I struggled to pick a song from FFVIII because I love a lot of them. But I remember hearing this and thinking “shit has got real” – it is the boss theme from this game, and it is also the hardest song in Theatrhythm.

    FFIX: You’re not alone

    This song is from a really defining and moving part of FFIX. It is truely a lovely and uplifting song!

    FFX: Zanarkand

    A really beautiful theme song, and this song builds up so well.

    FFXI: Memoro de la Stono

    This song is bloody brilliant – it builds up so well – the choir is great, the orchestra is great! For an MMORPG, FFXI has some great music.

    FFXII: Esper Battle

    Esper Battle is an amazing song that is played a limited amount of times in FFXII. The Dissidia version really finished off a brilliant song by adding the drum track.

    FFXIII: March of the Dreadnoughts

    No idea when this song is used, but it is SO CUTE.

    What are your favourite tracks?

    30 Days of Final Fantasy: Squall


    25) Squall

    Squall is disturbingly handsome for a 17 year old boy.

    He spends most of FFVIII being pretty emo, as well as a pretty emo. I liked Squall, for all his “I don’t ever want anyone to talk about me in past tense!” he seemed more sensible than most Final Fantasy characters (especially your party in FFVIII who are mostly dumb as fuck) so I like him.

    30 Days of Final Fantasy: Cecil & Kain

    Cecil & Kain

    24) Cecil & Kain

    I’ve not actually played Final Fantasy IV, but I’ve heard a lot of good reports from it.

    Cecil & Kain are both dudes in armour with long pretty hair and make up. So here’s a picture of Cecil painting Kain’s nails. The rest of the party probably think this is quite… weird…

    30 Days of Final Fantasy: Chocobo


    23) Chocobo

    Chocobos are a staple of the series – large yellow birds that you can ride around on.

    Fun fact: In British English, Chocobo is pronounced like “chocolate” but in American English it is pronounced like “choke”. This is evidenced in Final Fantasy XII where most characters say choke-a-bo but the Archadians (who are mostly voiced by Brits) say choc-uh-bo. I say it the latter way.