Pokémon Pearl: Normal Party

The fourth picture in my Normal Party Series. Here is my Normal Type party from Pokémon Pearl

Pokemon Pearl Normal Type Pokemon Party

The Pokémon in the pictures are:

  • Puma the Purugly
  • Zac the Lopunny (Named after Zac Gorman who portrays himself as a pink rabbit)
  • Lisa Basil the Girafarig (Named after Lisa from Trials and Tribulations)
  • Charap the Chatot
  • Joy the Blissey (Named after Nurse Joy, obviously)
  • Miranda the Bibarel (Named after Miranda from Mass Effect)
  • The reason Zac is so concerned about Puma is because Zac is Puma’s father. Pokémon breeding!

    Galaxy Siege 2 Review

    Hi all, a quick review today, of a free online game called Galaxy Siege 2. You can join in the fun and play it here.

    Galazy Siege 2 Fighting

    Console: Browser, but you can also play on Android & iOS
    Type of Game: You build a spacecraft and fight aliens!
    Fun: Yep, pretty addicting too.

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    Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 Review

    Like I said, I’ve been playing a lot of Mario since Mr. Julian Kay lent me a bunch of his games. Next is a classic and a gruelling game: Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

    Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2 Cover Art

    Console: GBA
    Super Mario World? As in for the SNES Yep, the port
    ..Advance 2? If you recall, Super Mario Advance is the remake of Mario 2 and Super Mario Advance 3 is a remake of Yoshi’s Island. So therefore…

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    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Review

    Hi all, I’d like to thank Superstar Julian Kay for lending me loads of really good GBA games. This was one my my favourites: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Cover Art

    Console: GBA
    Genre: RPG mixed with puzzle game
    Best character to play as Both Brothers are pretty similar

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    Life Review

    Hi guys, today I’m going to be reviewing Life. I think a lot of you will have played before, but I don’t see many reviews of it.


    Console: Varies. I play on the Leeds, England, UK Server.
    Will there be a sequel? Not sure – some factions say, “probably” but only the devs know at the moment.
    Enjoyable? It’s as fun or as dull as you make it. I think some servers are more fun to play on that others, and somet difficultly levels take things from challenging to frustrating, but I enjoy it.

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    Super Mario 64 DS Review

    Hi guys, brace yourselves you’re in for a run of Super Mario reviews at the minute. This one of the remake of Nintendo 64 Classic: Super Mario 64 DS. Thanks to Julian Kay for allowing me to play this.

    Super Mario 64 DS Cover

    Console: DS
    Why does this game exist? Not entirely sure.
    Original or Remake? Original

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    i-eX Gaming Bean Bag Review

    Hi folks! Normally I review games but sometimes I review things related to games!

    The kind folks over at Bean Bag Bazaar sent me one of their bean bags for review:

    i-ex bean bag gaming beanbag chair

    The mighty i-eX!


    The Beanbag is the i-eX Bean Bag. It it big enough for an adult to sit in and costs £99.99 (though they’re currently 25% off). They come in Black&Silver (the one I have) or Black&Green (for Xbox fanboys). The best bit is there is actual back support and you can actually sit up-right in it.

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    Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation Review

    Hi gang, we’re approaching the end of my Julian Kay reviews (unless he wants to give me more games :D). But we have a few more to go first. This one is Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation – a pretty unique GBA game.

    Yoshis Universal Gravitation Cover Art

    Console: GBA
    What does that even mean: It means when you tilt the console, gravity changes. How cool is that!
    Easy/Hard? Takes a bit of getting used to.

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    Sonic Pinball Party Review

    Sonic Pinball Party is another pinball game lent to me by Sonic Enthusiast Julian Kay. Please enjoy this review!

    Sonic Pinball Party Cover Art

    Console: GBA
    Compared to Pokémon Pinball: I preferred Pokémon more because it had a wider variety of challenges.
    Favourite Stage: I really liked the NiGHTS stage.

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    Mario Kart: Super Circuit Review

    Hi all – the last time I played a Mario Kart game it was for the N64. I was really good at it. So I gave Mario Kart: Super Circuit a try courtesy of Jules. Here are my thoguhts.

    Mario Kart Super Circuit

    Console: GBA
    Best Racer: Wario – always Wario
    Compared to Mario Kart 64? Very similar

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