I’ve been using Habit RPG for a while now

Hi guys,
Bit of a different thing today.

A little while back I was texting my mate Jamie about running.

I do run by the way, but my figure is pretty much that of a Qu form FFIX.

Qu Final Fantasy IX

Quina is basically me

To me, running is the worst thing. I hate running. But I signed up to do a 5K race for life and I kind of have to train. It’s for charity and you can donate to me here.

Anyway, I was texting Jamie (@GaProgMan) because he a runner and I share what my running tunes are (usually something from a video game). I was moaning saying that I wished my AGL or Stamina would noticeable increase everything I went for a run.

So Jamie’s response was: “Have you heard of HabitRPG?

So, I checked it out.

…and it’s awesome. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now.

HabitRPG Screenshot

Effectively, it’s a scheduling/task/to do list tool with incentives. Everytime you complete a task you get gold and exp, as well as the chance for random drops. Everytime you forget to do a task you lose health.

This is awesome!

Tasks are broken down into a few different things:

  • To do: you set a task with a due date and the goal is to do it before the end of that date. For example I have things like “Buy Milk: Due Today” and “Draw Picture: Due next week”
  • Daily: These are regular occurrences that you either do every day, several times a week or once a week. Mine are things like “Floss: Everyday” and “Write Blog Post: Once a week”
  • Habits: Habits are split into “good” and “bad” habits. If you do a good habit, you get a reward, if you do a bad habit, you lose health. For example a good habit for me is “bring lunch to work” and a bad habit is “pull hair”
  • I really enjoy it, it keeps me in a good routine (before, I was such a lazy flosser and I always meant to meditate but I never took the time) and also allows me to keep a check-list of things to do.

    My main complaint is that (surprising no-one) they don’t have an Windows Phone app. I use HabitRPG Metro which is the best I can get. It’s pretty good as it has the main functionality but lacks some of the optional extra stuff.

    Habit RPG Metro

    It’s a pretty darn good app though. I do use the desktop version as well (they sync together well and they’re both free) though.

    The reason is is the desktop version better for inventory management and feeding your pets.

    You have pets in the game.

    Habit RPG Pets

    Some of the drops you get are eggs. You can hatch eggs with potions and they turn into pets which may eventually become mounts! I do not have a mount yet :( Heck, I don’t even have a job class yet (although I do believe you get them when you level up a bit).

    The one thing I do think that is missing is the ability to give your tasks “types” like “exercise” “productivity” “learning” etc. Because THAT WAY you could have all the “normal” stats like STR, AGL and DEF! I would so love that! But I guess maybe that’s just too much for now.

    Actually apparently there ARE stats:

    HabitRPG Stats

    I just have NO IDEA how they work.

    I encourage you to try it out.
    If you want to join my party, my party ID is 294f35d7-e927-49b8-990c-5316a5bd1e3c
    If you want to add me to your party I am ID 3ffb8ecc-abfc-445c-8700-b883d18ac182

    Pokemon White 2 Review

    Hi guys, a little while back I did a review of Pokémon White. I only recently got around to playing the sequel, Pokémon White 2.

    Pokemon White 2

    Console: DS
    Should I play it? If you’re a Pokémon fan, yeah, why not, if you’re a new player, I would stick to one of the current gen main series games (at the time that is X&Y)
    Best part about it: Access to different Pokémon than White offered

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    Curly Review

    Hi dudes, I was able to test out a new iOS game called Curly and thought you might like it :) It’s made by a company called Theta Apps. They’re only little, so please support them.

    Curly the Pig

    Platform: iOS
    Type of game Addicting but not in a toxic way
    Best for: Playing on bus journeys

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    Lightning & Firion Fanart

    Look, I drew a dumb picture of Lightning (from Final Fantasy XIII) and Firion (from Final Fantasy II) together.

    Wild Rose

    Why? I dunno, they have some pretty dumb semi-romantic scenes together in Dissida and just thought I’d draw this. Also I just finished playing Final Fantasy II again.

    For those who are unaware, the symbol of the Rebellion in Final Fantasy II is the rose and Lightning has a rose motif (dunno if it’s plot relevant or not, not played FFXIII).


    Pinata Hunter 3 Review

    Hi guys, you might recall a while back I reviewed an indie game called Galaxy Seige 2. Today I’m reviewing another game made by the same guy: it’s called Pinata Hunter 3.

    Pinata Hunter 3

    Console: Browser but you can also play on Android
    What kind of game is this? A casual game that involves hitting a Pinata for candy and seeing the most effective way of getting more candy
    Would you recommend? Yeah if you need something to do on the bus or something it’s a pretty fun distraction

    So, you have a Pinata, a bat to hit it with and a bag to collect the candy around in. You can control the location of the bag and the swing of the bat but the candy goes in random directions.

    You can upgrade you bag so that it’s wider and you have a bigger catchment area.

    Pinata Hunter 3 Shop

    The shop screen

    Each bag holds a different amount of candy and once your bag is full – go spend at the shop! Get a bigger bag, increase the worth of the candy, get a different weapon to more effectively hit the pinata.

    You may notice there is a “pain meter”. I was a little worried at the start that the goal would be to cause pain to the pinata, but the pain meter is your own pain from swinging the bat. If you reach max pain your hand spasms and you can’t hit it for a while. Gloves prevent pain and mean you can swing for longer.

    Also, something I liked a lot was that you can break the pinata (obviously) but you get a new one – mine changed to a panda eventually :)

    Pinata Hunter 3 Trophies

    And you get trophies for things like breaking the pinata, getting a lot of candy, making a lot of hits in a row. It’s cool.

    If you have the time – give it a try, and check out Saar’s other games too.

    My experiences with Game Transfer Phenomena

    Hi guys, instead of a game review this week, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite PhD studies: Game Transfer Phenomena because I experience it and I think it’s really interesting.

    Game Transfer Phenomena is a concept coined by Dr. Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari. It relates to how gaming can effect your actions in the real world. She blogs about it and it includes some comics of situations where Game Transfer Phenomena may occur. You can read all the comics here and they’re pretty good at helping explain in a simple way what Game Transfer Phenomena is.

    Game Transfer Phenomena

    The comic above shows a “phenomena” that I have experienced several times in the past. It only happens when I play Advance Wars which is a grid based game. After playing for a long time, my brain is tricked into thinking that real life has “turns” and I wait for other people to take their “turn” before I take mine.

    Before you ask – it doesn’t last very long, only a temporary lapse of judgement. It’s not like the media love to protray this kind of thing: “gamers can’t tell the difference between a game and real life!!!” It is nothing like that. If you read into the research about it, it’s summarised as:

  • Acting out a game motion in real life (like trying to press X to open a door)
  • Thinking about applying game logic as real world logic (like wanting to pick up bottle caps because they’re currency)
  • Hallucinating game symbols (Like seeing a crosshair in your field of vision)
  • And yes, these might seem like weird nonsense actions, but the other things reported are:

  • They last for a short period of time (usually a few seconds)
  • After occurrence it’s usually followed by “why would I think/do that?!”
  • No confusion as to what is real and what is related to a game, just temporary lapse of judgement
  • In fact, I bet that you have probably experienced some Game Transfer Phenomena yourself. Here is a very simple (and very common) one: getting a song stuck in your head. Even if you haven’t played Tetris in 20 years, no doubt you can remember this song and it will persist to remain “in your head” for a while.

    Some other Game Transfer Phenomena that I’ve experienced:

  • Thinking in “turns” (Advance Wars)
  • Seeing blocks when I close my eyes (Super Mario)
  • Feeling jumpy when I hear crackling like a radio (Silent Hill)
  • An urge to move my hand in a certain way when I hear “battle with the Four Fiends” (Theatrhythm Final Fantasy)
  • Looking at the sky to see if the moon was full because I needed a pictograph of it (Wind Waker)
  • And I’ve seen people on twitter say thing like this!

    (Credit to Steve at SEONo – no you’re not going mental)

    So, there you go, games make us do weird things sometimes and there is a study to show why. Have you ever experienced Game Transfer Phenomena? Care to tell me about it?

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

    Right, so a little while back I said Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a game you MUST play if you have a 3DS. I stand by my stance for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call as it is an equally great game.

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Cover

    Console: 3DS
    Is it worth buying if you have the first one? Did you enjoy the first one? Then yes.
    Is it worth buying if you have not played the first one? Do you have a 3DS? Do you like rhythm games? Yes, it is, you need no knowledge of the original game or even the Final Fantasy series to like this game.

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    Final Fantasy: The Legend of the Crystals Review

    OK so here we have another film review. A few weeks ago I watched Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals because I might as well. It seemed like a cheesy 90s cartoon and I could waste 1.5Hours doing this.

    Final Fantasy Legend of the Crystals

    Dear Lord. It was really…not what I expected.

    Let me tell you about why…

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    I just remembered that Silent Hill has a movie

    OK so I just remembered that Silent Hill has a movie and I have in fact seen it.

    Silent Hill movie poster

    I guess this post is me trying to remember it.

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