Mimmy Cat review

Last week I reviewed a game by Saar and these week I’m reviewing another app by him: Mimmy Cat which you can play online here.

Mimmy Cat logo

Galaxy Siege III Review

Hi guys, a little while back I reviewed an Indie Game called Galaxy Siege 2 made by a guy called Saar. Today I’m reviewing Galaxy Siege 3. You can play Galaxy Seige 3 here.

Galaxy Siege III

Galaxy Siege 3 plays in a fairly similar way to 2, but there have been a few really good improvements:

  • Better music – it really fits with the space theme of the game
  • Smoother, nicer animations – They were okay before but now they’re really nice
  • Nicer graphics in general
  • You have to play the game in small increments in order to upgrade your ship – if you play for too long, you run out of fuel and you can’t reach the next planet!

    Galaxy Siege III Fuel Warning

    So then you go to the shop (because you’ll have been collecting currency) and you can upgrade your ship!

    Buying atuff

    So I bought more fuel… and guns… to make…

    Galaxy Siege III making a ship

    This beast!

    And like any good game, you get to fight yucky boss monsters!

    Galaxy Siege III Boss

    Once you complete a level you get to upgrade your ship which is pretty sweet!

    Galaxy Siege III Upgrade

    Some of the bosses were a lot more sophisticated than in the last game – they can literally tear your ship apart! Defeating bosses also gets you trophies which is awesome!

    A cool new feature of this game is the lab! You can save engineers and they can help you make cool things!

    Galaxy Siege III Lab

    If you have some spare time, or just want to support an indie developer, give it a go!

    Skyshine’s Bedlam Review – Even if you cheat, it’s still a slaughterfest

    I was approached by a cool guy named Trice to write a review of a game he’s gone bonkers for – take it away! I love these kind of posts, so if you want to do one, feel free to get in touch!


    Skyshine’s Bedlam is a turn-based roguelike where players drive a ginormous APC across a post-apocalyptic desert riddled with mutants, robots, marauders and the occasional boss battle.

    Read more

    I draw a picture of Detective Badd

    OK, so I recently recorded me drawing a picture of Detective Fulbright. The picture was okay but the recording was so-so. So I drew Detective Badd, whose design I love a lot. It was my first time drawing him (compared to Fulbright who I’ve draw about 100 pictures of).

    This one has:

    – Music
    – A nice final version of the picture at the end

    I’m still not very good at this screen capture stuff (it still starts in the middle of the sketch stage) but I’m learning.


    Video of me drawing a picture of Detective Fulbright

    I thought I’d give screen recording a go for the very first time. Apologies, this is missing the very start and has some random crap at the end. It’s part of a larger picture (eventually) so I’ll get around to posting it… one day.

    In this video you will get to see

    – How messy an artist I am!
    – How drawing a sketch really means nothing to me when I come to inking!
    – How crap I am at using Photoshop!
    – How little I know how to draw shoes!

    First Nintendo Mobile Game Announced & Delayed

    I thought this was really interesting, not something I knew much about, a cool piece of news by my friend.

    People have been talking for a while about Nintendo testing the waters of the smartphone app market. They’ve also been eagerly awaiting the rollout of its first offerings for mobile devices. While some may be wary of the company developing games for hardware other than its own, this move has been a long time coming. I think the 3DS is as awesome as everybody else, but I’m still excited for the opportunity to eventually play with some of gaming’s most beloved characters from the convenience of my phone.

    Video Game Monsters: Ancient Creature

    Hi, a monster from indie game: Qora.


    Ancient Creature: Qora

    Qora is a lovely game where you get to awaken sleeping giants. Here is one, asleep in a snow storm.

    Video Game Monsters: Nox


    Nox: Stella Deus

    An enemy from lesser known Atlus game Stella Deus which was an okay game. I’m not sure what their heads are supposed to be – horse, panda, dog?

    Video Game Monsters: Famous Business Man

    I don’t know if this guy has a name or not. I’ll just call him “mysterious capitalist”.


    Famous Business Man: Monochroma

    This guy is the final boss of Indie Game, Monochroma. You should play it. You mostly just see his top half on posters and he looks like a friendly philanthropist but all of a sudden you see his full body and he’s got tentacles. It’s a great “horror” moment.

    Also his corporation’s logo looks really similar to another red/black/white logo… just saying…

    Video Game Monsters: Mercury Djinni


    Mercury Djinni: Golden Sun

    I… thought “oh this’ll be easy” but I had no idea what I was drawing haha. I played Golden Sun and the little monsters you can summon were pretty cute.