Mario Kart: Super Circuit Review

Hi all – the last time I played a Mario Kart game it was for the N64. I was really good at it. So I gave Mario Kart: Super Circuit a try courtesy of Jules. Here are my thoguhts.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Console: GBA
Best Racer: Wario – always Wario
Compared to Mario Kart 64? Very similar

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Review

Hi guys, seems like it’s been a little while since I’ve done a review of a game that my friend Julian Kay gave me. Today it’s The Legend of Zelda:Minish Cap.

Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Cover Art

Console: GBA
Compared to other Zelda’s: My favourite (that I’ve played) that uses the “2D top down” perspective.
Difficult? Compared to the DS games, yes, compared to the GameBoy games – no.

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Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity Review

Hi all, welcome to a review of a game you may or may not have heard of. This is what happens when Atlus tries to make a grid based game. My Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity review.

Setlla Deus Gate of Eternity Cover

Console: PS2
What is this game? Imagine if Atlus tried to make a Fire Emblem Game
Best Character: I’ll just say Prier because she combines “adorable” with “healer” and “hits hard”.

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Things I Learned About Getting Fit…From That “Unlikeliest” of Sources, Video Games

Here’s another guest post by my girlfriend who previously wrote a really detailed review of the Bit Trip Saga. Enjoy!

I’m going to preface this with a little explanation; when I was in high school, I was that kid in the PE class who, upon hearing the words “It’s summer! It’s Athletics Term! Today we’re doing 1600 metres!” would curl internally into a little ball and cry the whole way around the track, probably not completing the circuit before the hour long lesson was up. Seven years later, I just completed my first 5k (on the treadmill, at least), and now next June I’m hoping to complete a 5K Race for Life. So how did that despairing, super unfit girl from high school, who then did no more exercise than walking to work for five years, finally get the motivation to get going to the gym properly?
Video games.

…I’ll explain, don’t go away rolling your eyes just yet.

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The gambling aspect of Red Dead Redemption

Was having a chat about a game I’ve heard a lot about – Red Dead! Please enjoy this post!




Few console games have the ability to not only attract millions of gamers to create an affinity towards the main character and storyline, but also be widely played across the world despite the release of titles containing the latest generation graphics and game physics. It is just over four years since Red Dead Redemption hit the retail shelves, but the game, produced by RockStar, continues to be played by many who enjoy being in Western America and experiencing the life story of John Marston in his fight for justice and revenge. The franchise’s popularity is further increased by the inclusion of downloadable content, such as an Undead Nightmare version in which players can face a horde of zombies on single player and online. Killing zombies continues to be a growing niche in the games industry, but Red Dead Redemption is a hugely successful game in its own right and provides endless hours of gameplay potential across America and Mexico set in 1911.

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12+ Cool looking monsters from video games

OK, remember I did a few posts a while ago on hot video game men and sexy video games ladies as well as my favourite androgynous characters?

Well, this is similar, but it covers quite different subject matter: video game monsters. I love a good monster design and games with lots of cool monsters make me happen.

Here goes – Comment to add your own!

In no particular order…

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Real Life Skills People Can Learn from Video Games

Here’s a great post by my friend Jane in California that includes a funny story about looking for a job and Warcraft. I totally agree with this post – real world skills definitely do come from playing games!

A few years ago, one of my friends was unemployed and looking for a job. Out of desperation he asked me to take a look at his CV and cover letter to see if there might be anything in there turning off prospective employers.

There it was.

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Monochroma Review

Hello dear readers and welcome to a review of a game I’ve been really looking forward to. It’s one of the first games I backed on Kickstarter and it’s called Monochroma.

Monochroma logo

Console: PC
What kind of game is this? A platformer/puzzle game with a really great mood and setting
Difficult? At parts. Requires a lot of logical thinking and good timing.

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Pokémon Emerald: Normal Type Party

Continuing in the line of drawing Normal Type Parties here is my Normal Type Party from Emerald.


I never taught my Pokémon “Flash” so getting around Victory Road in the dark was fun.

We have:

  • Beat the Exploud (named after Beat from TWEWY)
  • Dahlia the Spinda (named after Dahlia Gillespie, gyromancer, from Silent Hill)
  • Gustav the Swellow
  • Mia the Delcatty (named after Mia from Ace Attorney)
  • Luna the Castform
  • Bowie the Linoon
  • Stay tuned for my party from Pearl.

    Popular Games Inspire Copy-Cat Versions

    A while ago I was talking about addicting browser games that you shouldn’t play and I got into a discussion with a friend of mine that most of the really addicting games these games are rips of other games. I said “wanna say that to an audience” and she agreed.

    For every popular game there are dozens if not hundreds of copycats. The industry is rife with clones that are just different enough to remain competitive; in fact, some of these clones even become more popular than the original games. Here are just a few of the more recent games that inspired a plethora of duplicates.

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