Video Game Monsters: Blue Rhapsody


Blue Rhapsody: Kingdom Hearts

I love the Heartless form Kingdom Hearts designs – you can tell immediately what game they’re from. Annndd some of them are SUPER CUTE.

Video Game Monsters: Leo Cantus


Leo Cantus: The World Ends with You

So, TWEWY is one of my favourite games. Minamimoto is one of my favourite characters, so I had to draw his boss form. He is a massive (Dare I say “zetta”) dork.

Video Game Monsters: Puppet Master


Puppet Master: Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

When playing Dawn of Sorrow this boss battle really freaked me out. Dolls/etc don’t bother me, but the design on this thing is really scary.

Video Game Monsters: Boo


Boo (Super Mario)

Boo is a cute ghost that blushes when you look at it. They actually used to scare me as a kid.

Video Game Monsters: Vaporeon

Throughout October I’m going to try and draw a video game monster every day.


Vaporeon: Pokémon

Vaporeon was always one of my favourites. It was often my “Surf” Pokémon. I want to hug one.

Undertale Review

Hi all, I’m finally going to review Toby Fox‘s Undertale because I completed it a few days ago.


Console: PC, you can get it on Steam.
Type of game: Old Fashioned RPG with dating sim elements and a lot of clever references
Favourite thing about this game: The character design and how the game could make you feel really bad for playing.

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A bunch of random PC games I used to play

Hey guys – I was originally going to write a review of Undertale today, but I’m really stuck on the final boss so… it can wait. Ha. Do play it for yourselves though.

Anyway, I just remembered that when I was a kid, I used to play a bunch of random PC games, and I bet most of you didn’t know they existed so I’ll talk about them a bit. Let me know if you’ve played any of these.

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10 Slots to Play When You’re Feeling Depressed

Hi guys, got a post here from a friend who plays a lot of slot games – as I am not expert, I’m happy to let them talk about their favourites.

Even slot lovers can be down in the dumps and feel despondent from time to time. When this happens we all look for that one true blue friend who will be there to brighten up our day and make us feel better. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 10 video slots which are so colorful and have such an uplifting tone that they are sure brighten up your day when you’re feeling down and low.

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Some video game playlists you should listen to

Hey dudes. Recently I’ve been exploring 8 Tracks a bit. It’s a fun piece of software that allows you to create playlists and share them with everyone.

I just thought I’d share some of the ones I’d found that have a lot of video game stuff in them or are inspired by video games.

my monster friends from magnoliapearl on 8tracks Radio.

This one has a lot of cutest 8bit tracks from games about monsters (e.g. Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Digimon World). It’s by Magnolia Porter who draws the comic Monster Pulse that you should all read.

Let's Go to the Beach! from clawshots on 8tracks Radio.

This one is full of beach themes from various games (although it’s missing a few!) it’s really upbeat and I find it really fun.

A World Is Made from The Great Zucchini on 8tracks Radio.

This one is themed around World Building for writers/artists. It has a few relaxing video game songs in it.

Melody from aidorei on 8tracks Radio.

This one was created with the idea of “play FFXIV to this”, I really enjoy it, it has some really soothing songs.

Story People: The Sage from The Great Zucchini on 8tracks Radio.

This is for the character archetype of “The Sage”. It has a lot of peaceful music you could meditate to. Also, some music from Final Fantasy XII…

Tiggar's "PvP Mix 1" from Tiggar on 8tracks Radio.

Tiggar's Amazing 2nd Mix from Tiggar on 8tracks Radio.

A bunch of upbeat songs for playing PvP with! I really like it.

New Beginnings; Fresh Horizons from coalescence on 8tracks Radio.

A playlist for playing RPGs and Sci-Fi games.

Dreams and Winter Lights from ejbarnes89 on 8tracks Radio.

One I made for my girlfriend’s novel: The Winds of Valquhar. It has a few video game songs in there.

Cages of Convention from ejbarnes89 on 8tracks Radio.

Another one I made for a comic me and Jo wrote together. Once again, it has some video game themes…

Those without a voice from ejbarnes89 on 8tracks Radio.

One I made recently for characters that can’t speak… a lot of video game songs here.

Enjoy! Let me know if there are any you want me to include

Some random old video game comic fanart

Hey guys, sometimes I post Fanart on this blog, and recently I was playing Apollo Justice and I remembered that I’d once drawn a picture of Mr Eldoon and some other video game characters in a comic so… thought I’d share.