12+ Cool looking monsters from video games

OK, remember I did a few posts a while ago on hot video game men and sexy video games ladies as well as my favourite androgynous characters?

Well, this is similar, but it covers quite different subject matter: video game monsters. I love a good monster design and games with lots of cool monsters make me happen.

Here goes – Comment to add your own!

In no particular order…

Zekrom Pokemon Black and White

Zekrom – Pokémon

1) Zekrom – Pokémon

Pokémon is short for “Pocket Monster”. There are over 600 of them and a lot of them are really cool looking, particularly the legendary Pokémon. Zekrom is one of my favourites – it’s a glowy, dragon that reminds me of how everything looks in Tron. Zekrom is the legendary Pokémon associated with Pokémon White.

Fafnir Final Fantasy Xii

Fafnir – Final Fantasy XII

2) Fafnir – Final Fantasy XII

Fafnir is an optional boss monster in Final Fantasy XII. Now, this series has a LOT of cool monsters, but some of the Marks and Elite Marks in Final Fantasy XII are really overwhelming – not only are they MASSIVE, but they have really cool designs. Fafnir has always stuck with me due to the fact it looks like a LOT of people have tried to kill him before and not succedeed. And the battle arena is the Paramina Rift (AKA “The Icy Level”) which adds a certain something.

Seraphic Radiance Shadow Hearts

Seraphic Radiance – Shadow Hearts

3) Seraphic Radiance – Shadow Hearts

The Seraphic Radiance is the ultimate fusion monster in Shadow Hearts. It is summoned as part of a dark ritual and very difficult to control. Not to mention, this boss fight is the most difficult boss fight in the game, if not the entire series.

Samael Megami Tensei

Samael – Megami Tensei

4) Samael – Megami Tensei Series

Atlus Games (particuarly the Megami Tensei series) are really well known for having plenty of cool monsters to choose from. Samael is really memorable to me because they are usually really annoying bastards to find in a random encounter. I especially remember dealing with them in the final level of Digital Devil Saga where they could easily wipe the floor with you even though you started at full health/MP. Really tough to defeat for a standard monster and a really cool design.

Silent Hill Homecoming Siam

Siam – Silent Hill Homecoming

5) Siam – Silent Hill Homecoming

I’ve never actually played Silent Hill Homecoming, but I did watch the LP (which is good at making a pretty boring game interesting). The Silent Hill series is well known for having a lot of messed up looking monsters. Siam is one of my favourites – it’s a woman strapped on top of a man with big weird arms in some kind of bondage gear. Kind of gross but kind of cool as well.

Bowser Super Mario

Bowser – Super Mario

6) Bowser – Super Mario

A classic. Bowser is some kind of dinosaur turtle and he’s really spikey and pretty cool. I like Bowser’s design – it’s awesome.

Blackmore Castlevania Order of Eccelsia

Blackmore – Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

7) Blackmore – Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

To this day, one of the hardest boss fights in a game full of tough boss fights. Blackmore took me GOD KNOWS how many attempts to beat. You cannot do this boss fight without paying close attention to his movements and his soundbites. But damn he has a cool design. Sorry for the terrible quality picture (this is a DS game).

Cerberus Devil May Cry 3

Cerberus – Devil May Cry 3

8) Cerberus – Devil May Cry 3

Speaking of monsters that look like dogs – one of the most memorable bosses from Devil May Cry 3 (that is: the only one worth playing). Cerberus is well, Cerberus but all covered in ice. Not to mention he is a fucking spammer when it comes to attacking you.

Dragoon Nobody Kingdom Hearts II

Dragoon Nobody – Kingdom Hearts II

9) Dragoon Nobody – Kingdom Hearts II

The Kingdom Hearts games have a lot of fun looking monsters. To me the most memorable monster to me was the Dragoon Nobodies – Xaldin’s Nobodies. And if you look at that pose they may remind you of a specific Dragoon from FFIV.

Colossi Shadow of the Colussus

Colossi – Shadow of the Colossus

10) The Colossi – Shadow of the Colossus

If ever there was a game about “massive, cool looking monsters” it was Shadow of the Colossus. I’ve never played it but MAN those things look really cool.

Loftwing Skyward Sword Legend of Zelda

Loftwing – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

11) Loftwing – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I’ve never played Skyward Sword but man do I love the art from it. The Loftwing may not be a “monster” but it’s a massive great bird and it’s really cool looking.

Big Daddy Bioshock

Big Daddy – Bioshock

12) Big Daddy – Bioshock

These things are not something you’d want to run into in a confined space. I think I’d cry and scream. I’ve never played BioShock but the design of the Big Daddy has always remained in my mind as “cool design”. Hence, its place in the list.

Nemesis Resident Evil 3

Nemesis – Resident Evil

Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

Suggested by Jill in the comments, Nemesis is certainly memorable – that terrifying face, that cry!

Does anyone have any suggestions for cool monster? Please let me know and I’ll add them!

I would love to shout out to this blog which is full of AWESOME Monster art from the MegaTen series.


  1. jill says:

    A great list. I think “nemesis” from “resident evil 3 : nemesis” (1999) is another powerful and scary monster for add to list. I don’t forget scary cries of nemesis in RE3!! .

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