36 Ace Attorney sprites that exactly explain my job

In today’s Buzzfeed article, I’m going to talk about my job but present it to you in Ace Attorney sprites.

My job involves looking at graphs and reporting on website performance, with a little bit of SEO.

I really like Ace Attorney

1) Getting ready to do my weekly reports on a Monday
Mia Fey Ace Attorney Hair Flick

2) AHREFs not remembering my password
Apollo Justice Done

3) My session expiring on my SERP monitoring software for the third time
Maya Fey Annoyed

4) When Excel is threatening to crash and I haven’t saved my work in a while
Bobby Fulbright Ace Attorney Duel Destinies sweating

5) When Excel is taking a really long time calculating something because I accidently applied it to 100,000 rows
Lisa Basil Sweating

6) When someone interrupts me during my weekly reports
Adrian Andrews book

7) When somebody interrupts me during my monthly reports
Plum Kitaki Sword

8) Waiting for my OSE Export
Miles Edgeworth finger tap impatient

9) When Google Analytics takes ages to load

10) When I’m asked if I want a brew
Godot Coffee Slide

11) When it’s not a suitable time for a brew yet
Godot Smoking

12) Walking to Sainsbury at lunch
Pearl Happy

13) Seeing a new client’s backlinks for the first time
Valant Doves

14) Hearing I’m due on a call with a notoriously difficult client
Max Crying

15) Hearing feedback that said client liked me
Luke Atmey monocle

16) Meeting a client face to face
Terry Fawles chewing on ball

17) When one of my colleagues leaves

Dahlia Hawthorne Crying

18) When one of my friends leaves

Bobby Fulbright Ace Attorney Duel Destinies crying

19) When there’s free food
Gumshoe excited

20) When I have 2+ meetings in a row
Florent Lbelle breakdown

21) When a client needs “an emergency Google Analytics audit” and I’m the only one who can do it

22) Trying to say something nice to a higher-up without them thinking I’m a suck-up
Furio Tigre Sweating

23) Working Flawlessly with another team
Winston Payne Hair Flick

24) Working with a poorly written brief
Phoenix Wright Sweating

25) Keyword research for a client in a very small niche
Wesley Stickler book flip

26) Keyword research for a client who spans many large niches
Judge Surprised

27) When I realise I’ve forgotten to do something I said I’d do
Bobby Fulbright Ace Attorney Duel Destinies pressing fingers together sprite

28) Nailing a complicated piece of RegEx
Franziska Bowing

29) Accidentally swearing in front of the client
Athena Cykes Surprised

30) Eating a whole bag of sweets in 20 minutes
Ema Snacking

31) When Skype isn’t working and I want to talk to someone in London
Mke Meekings Megaphone

32) When the Internet is down
Edgeworth leaning over

33) When I forget to paste as values
Ron distressed

34) When I’m invited to a creative brain storm
Maya really done

35) Trying to keep up with what Dev are explaining something
Larry Confused

36) Making my first ever macro
Maggey Excited

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