5 Cool mums in video games

What the heck, it’s Mother’s Day so let’s talk about cool mums in video games. They do exist! Feel free to comment and add your own suggestions!

1) Your Mum – Pokémon

Mom Pokemon yellow

Sounds like a joke “Your Mum”. But really, you mum is one of the best mums in the whole of video games. She supports you even though you are a 10 year old going off into the wide world by yourself. She always heals your Pokémon for free and even sometimes she helps you save money. Lovely mum!

2) Mama – Cooking Mama

If you have ever played Cooking Mama (or any of the other “Mama” games) you will know that Mama is a very nice and lovely woman. Even if you mess up in cooking she is always encouraging and says to you “Don’t worry – mama will fix it!”

3) Koudelka – Shadow Hearts

Koudelka is the star of her own game but appears again in Shadow Hearts as the mother to one of the main characters. I’ve noticed this tread of taking a powerful woman and totally nuking their abilities once they become a mum – this does not happen to Koudelka. She is one of the most powerful black magic users in the world, and once her son is born she does everything in her power to protect him, including taking on the villain and nearly stopping his plan by herself. Koudelka is a cool lady.

4) Terra – Final Fantasy VI

Although Terra is not actually a parent by blood to any children, part of her storyline is wanting to know what it is like to love and be loved. Instead of the writers forcing a romance on Terra, they send her to a village full of children where all the adults have died due to events prior in the game. Terra effectively becomes a mother to these children, and through this is able to discover love. Terra’s hertitage is that she is half-human, half-esper (the pink form you see above). At some stage she has to summon the courage to protect the village from a monster and for this she transforms into her Esper form. And even so she looks different, the children still know her as “mama”.

5) You – Shelter

In Indie game Shelter you play as a mama badger and you lead your babies to safety! They even released a sequel where you play as a lynx.

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