8 Games that need remaking/ports/English Versions (or something)

Since I couldn’t think of a topic this wek I thought I’d just steal Rhys’ idea (kind of).

There are a lot of games from my teenage years that I would love to see on a modern console, and there are many games from before my time that I feel I missed out on. So here’s a list of games that need to be brought back. Maybe not changed (much) but certainly brought back to life.

Dungeon Keeper Cover

1) Dungeon Keeper

Original Platform: PC
What do I want? A DS remake

Dungeon Keeper is a truely amazing game. You make your dungeon, you recruit monsters and you go and kill the good guy knights and stuff. It’s very strategic, and your monsters can turn on you because you haven’t paid them and then the Lord of the Land can wreck your shit.

I was gutted when my Dungeon Keeper CD stopped working. I was on the very last level!

I think this would be a great DS port – God games are totally designed for the DS! In this game you could pick your monsters up and slap them, it was great.

Apparently they released a mobile version but what good is that to anyone with a Windows Phone!?

Act Raiser NES Cover

2) Act Raiser

Original Platform: NES
What do I want? DS Remake

Act Raiser is a game I’ve never played, but DCrab did a very good Let’s Play of it. There’s a mixture of combat and playing God. The latter half is why it would suit being a DS game – you get to build little villages and change the weather and stuff. It would be awesome.

I know you can buy it on the Virutal Console, but who cares, I want a DS version with touch screen capabilities.

Princess Maker 4 DS Cover

3) Princess Maker (Series)

Original Platform: Varies
What do I want? An offical English version of any of these games. (DS or PC ports)

You may recall that I reviewed Princess Maker 2 recently. It’s a game where you raise a little girl. It sounds pretty stupid but it’s actually really fun. I’ve played it many more times than once…

The issue is, most of them were only released in Japanese, and the only one that was ever translated into English became Abandonware. I guess the reason behind it is that it’s not a game that would be well recieved by a Western Audience but hey…

Saiyuki Reload PS2 Cover

4) Saiyuki Reload

Original Platform: PS2
What do I want? An English version, please…

Saiyuki is a manga/anime that takes a traditional Chinese myth and add guns and pretty boys. It’s the same myth that Dragonball is based on.

It’s super-fun and action packed, and I mentioned to my girlfriend once that it would make an ideal RPG.

Well, a little Wiki-ing showed me that it is already an RPG. But it was only released in Japan.


Chaos Wars Cover

5) Chaos Wars

Original Platform: PS2
What do I want? An EU release

Chaos Wars is supposed to be a horrible game. But I really want to play it.

You may or may not know that I run Shadow Hearts fan site – Judgement-Ring.com. If you don’t know much about Shadow Hearts, you can read my reviews here.

Chaos Wars is a cross-over game that includes some of the Shadow Hearts characters. I’d love to play it, if only for that.

Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon

6) Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha VS King Abaddon

Original Platform: PS2
What do I want? An EU version

I freaking love Atlus games, and I have yet to play the “Devil Summoner” games, and I’ve heard they’re good. The EU did get “Vs Souless Army” but it’s expensive. And the sequel is for some reason not released in the EU…

This makes me think how much it would suck to be a gamer living in Australia. Their game laws are even stricter!

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Cover

7) Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Original Platform: PS1
What do I want: An EU version

Once again, this is Atlus being like “OK, the EU can have the first game but not the 2nd”. I’ve not actually played P2, but as far as I’m aware, Eternal Punishment is a direct sequal to Innocent Sin in the sense that the story isn’t over until you play both games.

Goddammit Atlus!

Gyakuten Kenji 2

8) Gyakuten Kenji 2 AKA Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2

Original Platform: DS
What do I want? An English versio

Ace Attorney is one of my favourite game series ever. Here is my review of the first Miles Edgeworth game. It is a great game – the gameplay is vastly improved upon the others in the series and Edgeworth is a great protagonist.

Then they released a 2nd one. And for some reason just decided to not do an English version. What’s up with that, Capcom?!

In the meantime, they have released Ace Attorney 5 which… I’ll get around to playing eventually. Sigh.

I am now very sad because I’ve listed 8 things that probably will never happen!


  1. Rhys says:

    Nice steal :)

    I quite enjoyed Dungeon Keeper. I didn’t play Actraiser – only saw the first bit and the action parts looked ropey, but I think I should hunt it out. Nice article :)

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