A bunch of random PC games I used to play

Hey guys – I was originally going to write a review of Undertale today, but I’m really stuck on the final boss so… it can wait. Ha. Do play it for yourselves though.

Anyway, I just remembered that when I was a kid, I used to play a bunch of random PC games, and I bet most of you didn’t know they existed so I’ll talk about them a bit. Let me know if you’ve played any of these.

Plane Crazy gameplay

Plane Crazy

Plane crazy was a racing game. You could choose from several kinds of planes (not to mention customise them) and race against other planes. There were only like 5 levels or so, but I really enjoyed it.

Petz 3

Dogz 3/Catz4

A pet simulator. I played this loads – god knows why. You can adopt an animal, feed them, play with them, teach them tricks and I swear you could also paint them. You could cross breed your dogz too. Sometimes they ended up really weird looking. But then again, the graphics are pretty weird.

Art Attack PC game

Art Attack

NOW, this game is so unknown that there don’t seem to be any screenshots of it. It’s a software based on the kids’ TV show: Art Attack. It had a lot of cool modes one of which was a cartoon maker where you could record cartoons.

Aquarium PC game


Aquarium was a game in the same vein as “Theme Park World” except it was a horrible game. I always remember my aquarium being on fire and my tanks being dirty. But, there was a dolphin you could train, which was okay.

Flying Heroes PC Game

Flying Heroes

Flying Heroes was hands down one of my favourite PC games. You got a cool ride – a dragon, a bird, a flying carpet, a Zeppelin and you were in a tournament to win some kind of title. You did this either by killing other dudes, collecting stuff, among other things. There was a lot of variety with stages, guns, mounts, it was really good. I almost beat the game butttt the final level was really hard.

Magic Carpet 2

Magic Carpet 2

This game I didn’t play much of – it was really strange, it was like a 3D tower defence game? Anyway. I was doing okay at it and I got to a stage where I couldn’t progress for reasons.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper

A bit more well known and totally my favourite PC game – Dungeon Keeper. You get to build dungeons, control monsters, fight good guys. It’s fun. I never completed it, I think I got to the final level? I’ve played it again since and keep getting stuck on level 10.

Sonic 3D FLickies island PC

Sonic 3D: Flickie’s Island

This was a weird game. It was a pretty normal Sonic game, but it involved collecting birds?? I just remember hating the controls.

Tomb Raider III

Tomb Raider III

Speaking of controls I hated – I never got on with any Tomb Raider. The controls are terrible. Tomb Raider III I hardly ever left the training grounds. I mostly tried to lock the Butler (I always called him Winston… it turns out… that’s actually his name!) away from me because he kept following me. At least the opening music for this game is really nice.

Theme Park World

Theme Park World

This game was really cool but I never seemed to understand the concept of “don’t get into debt” because my theme parks would always go bust because of me taking out loans.

Cluedo PC Game


Based on the board game… this game was pretty decent, however, if you’re playing with more than one person, it’s …. well. Not going to work because all their clues and all your clues are up on the screen so you just have to rely on them not screenwatching. The graphics were pretty decent.

Have you played any of these games? Let me know!


  1. D. Tyler says:

    Theme Park World!!!

    I remember I played that game all the time. You’re right though, it was pretty weird, but I was a kid so I really just liked the animals, colors, and designing my own park. I didn’t really care about the rules, or ‘winning’.

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