Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review

Welcome to what is (for now) my final review in the Ace Attorney series. I remember hearing about this game from the very first rumours that it might be called Perfect Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. It is of course an Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth review.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Cover

Console: DS
As the 2nd Ace Attorney game made specifically for the DS how did it do? Really well – far better use of the touch screen than Apollo Justice.
Edgeworth as a main character? Is awesome.

So, as I said, I’ve been following news for this game ever since the first rumours of it. The first thing we got was a leak of a Japanese magazine that had screenshots of.. tiny Edgeworth running!! Oh man, I was looking forward to dragging Edgeworth into walls.

So yes, instead of gameplay being half first-person and half third person, it’s entirely third person. And there are no court sections (well… one case takes place within a court house, but not during a trial). There are some other new gimmicks which bring the game into its own including Edgeworth’s sense of logic as a superpower. Oh yes.

Strangely though, this game isn’t that different from the others in the series. You still go around, finding evidence, talking to suspects and then rather than interrogating someone in a courtroom, you just interrogate them and show them relevant evidence. Sometimes to progress the plot you have to help Edgeworth ‘connect his thoughts’ (not to be confused with Kyle Hyde collecting his thoughts in Hotel Dusk). It’s a nice little logical addition to the game, although sometimes I couldn’t see connections with any of his thoughts and just chose randomly.

One of the main differences with this game and the other Ace Attorney games is that although there are five cases, there is one consistent plot which appears in ever case – and like any good mystery, it doesn’t come into place until the very end.

Oh yes, and the graphics have improved substantially. The talking sprites are a lot larger and a lot prettier and the um, pictures of dead bodies are a lot gorier.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Screenshot

Edgeworth quite often had the misfortune of being the person to find a body and quite often had the grim duty of examining it. I usually made Edge into a perv and got him to touch the corspe’s arse or crotch or something. Because I’m mature. Strangely, I think all the victims in these cases are male. That’s slightly bizarre, but I’ll take it.

An awesome thing about this game is you sometimes get GUMSHOE as your partner. I love that guy! He’s awesome. The not so awesome thing is that once again, Franny works her way into this game and I still don’t really like her but um Manny comes back too and it’s great. There’s even an appearance of *Fat* *De* *Masque* (Jazz Hands) and they introduce a really cool character who looks like he’s entirely Black and White due to clever colouring. And let’s not talk about Detective Schlong because he sucks dick and I couldn’t give a fuck about that guy.

But yes, this game is very engaging and has a very good plot to keep you going as well as some tough enough logic puzzles. Exactly what I enjoy in a game.

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