Achievement Unlocked: My Top Gaming Achievements

Does anyone ever have those times where you’re playing the game and you’re all “This is impossible!” and then you try and try and try and try to do it for hours, weeks, months and then finally you do it and you’re like “yesssss I’ve achieved something”.

Just thought I’d share some of my most specialist moments with you.

1) S-Ranking all songs on Ultimate in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Battle Gameplay


You may recall that I recently reviewed Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. It’s a rhythm game with various levels of difficulty. “Ultimate” is the hardest difficulty. Some songs on ultimate are really hard to pass, never mind to S-Rank (the highest rank you can get). To do this, you have to time almost every note perfectly. It is possible to get a high enough score if you miss, but you have very little margin for error on some songs. The more notes a song has, the more margin for error you have – however it also means you have more notes to learn, and you are more likely to screw up.

OK, I’ll admit it I haven’t S-ranked every song. I only just purchased the 52 DLC songs recently, and haven’t had a chance to even attempt all of them on ultimate. But the songs the game came with, they’re all out of the way. Some how.

2) Beat Lucifer in Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call (without using Pierce)

Lucifer Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne

He’s… big…

You would think that a game called “Lucifer’s Call” – the point would involve beating Lucifer in some way. In fact, all the Lucifer stuff is optional.

However, I really enjoyed the optional stuff and went and did it anyway. I knew it would unlock the Super Boss (Lucifer), but thought “ah well, if I fail, that’s fine”.

I didn’t realise that unlocking the superboss meant you HAD to fight him to finish the game. I did the final boss no problem, having leveled my team up sufficiently to do all the other optional stuff.

Oh and then this guy appears and is like “Good work killing the final boss, now try and kill me”.

And MY GOD, he is hard. He can wipe out most of your HP with one move, and you will hardly make a dent in his.

Needless to say, I had to grind, change some of my party, and mess around, a lot.

Nearly every guide says you “need” the pierce skill to be able to complete this boss. It’s only available via one demon, and you have to dick around a lot to get it. I didn’t bother.

What I will say though: if you don’t have Masakados and haven’t learnt the ultimate skill from it, you will have a really difficult time dealing damage. Also, Debilitate is your friend.

3) Completing Final Fantasy III

Cloud of Darkness Final Boss FFIII DS

It’s a final boss alright…

This doesn’t sound like much of an achievement, however, Final Fantasy III is the most difficult Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played.


  • The Difficulty level increases MASSIVELY after the first half of the game, and you are constantly grinding to progress at all after that. This was something to do with saving memory space? Anyway, it means it’s easy to lose patience with this game
  • Limited Phoenix Downs. If your character faints, you’d better just wait until you’re at a town or whatever revived you in this game. Keep precious Phoenix Downs for bosses. For the final boss, I had THREE.
  • You can only save on the world map. That is, you can’t save in a dungeon. The final dungeon is 3 hours long. I’ve died at the final boss before. It’s really de-motivating to have to do ALL of that again.
  • At the end, I felt like I’d done something. But there was very little reward for doing it.

    4) I completed Silent Hill

    Silent Hill 1 School

    Monster in the hallway, great.

    This doesn’t seem like a great “achievement” to most people – it’s not a very hard game. However it was way out of my comfort zone and I wanted to give up about half way through the first level. And during the second level. And every time I died.

    But, I didn’t give up, I made it through the game – it was scary, and I wasn’t very good at it, but hey.

    Reader Submissions!

    Thought I might as well open this up to some of my readers as well. Let’s hear it for these guys (whose achievements are way better than mine).

    Steve Morgan – Beating Yiazmat in Final Fantasy XII

    Yiazmat FFXII

    50 million HP on Yiazmat, 50 million HP….

    “A few years ago, on one of my playthroughs of Final Fantasy XII, I completed the game 100%, which included taking on Yiazmat, the toughest boss in the game (and arguably Final Fantasy’s entire history) with a staggering 50m(!) HP. As it says on his FF Wikia page: “Defeating Yiazmat will take at least sixty minutes at high levels and player skill; but the fight usually takes hours,” and it did indeed take hours – 3-4 if I remember correctly. Thankfully I had a completely free weekend afternoon to take him on.

    Even with all my characters on Lv. 99, with completed licence boards, over 12,000 HP each (as they all had Bubble Belts equipped, doubling their max HP), two of the strongest weapons in the game (the Zodiac Spear and the Tournesol) and as many X-Potions, Hi-Ethers, Phoenix Downs, Elixirs and Megalixirs as I could get my hands on, it was still absolute murder. The problem was that just a few swipes of his arm would KO someone, and then your other players would be busy reviving that person rather than continuing to attack. And as his HP reduces, he gets tougher, with his attacks getting stronger and your party’s attacks getting weaker.

    Of course, I didn’t realise at the time that you can leave the fight and come back (i.e. use it as a chance to grab more items, etc.). So when I took him on, I did so in one long attempt. I was genuinely exhausted after it was over, and kinda glad that it was the end of the game with nothing else left to do, as it kind of put me off, haha!” – Steve from SEONo

    Rhys Wynne – Beating “The Detective Game”

    The Detective Game C64


    Rhys, who recently wrote a book on bbPress completed hard-ass C64 game “The Detective Game”. It took him 10 years.

    “The Detective Game was one of those games that was nigh on impossible if you pirated the game (or, like I did, it was included on a Commodore Force covertape). One of the puzzles required an indepth knowledge of the instruction manual, to know what the freshly murdered Angus McFungus’ favourite book was, so you could find the key to his room.

    That is, when you figured out that you had to read the manual. The clue was imbedded in the game, in a nonchalant conversation with one of the other guests. That was only the first issue. There was plenty more – clicking on walls to get access to secret passages, finding a tray in the kitchen which contained a year that was the code for the safe – it was by and large impossible, and made the toughest game available now a cakewalk.

    10 years later and I completed it……

    I will leave it there. I cannot complete it any more without a spoiler, as what made this game brilliant was the twist!”

    Andy Machin – Kicking ass on Hard-Mode

    Gears of War Final Boss

    Damn you ugly

    “I usually end up completing most games on the hardest possible setting, just because I hate the idea of developers setting a challenge I can’t complete. I’m currently on ‘Survivor’ mode on Last of Us. However the stand out one was the first Gears of War on ‘Insane’ mode – the final boss must have taken me weeks of trying. Finally did it. Didn’t feel good, just an elation to have a life back.

    Sad, I know.” – Andy who is head of all the things (particularly design and social media) at Branded3.

    A addition to Gears of War by Sarah from Whimsysaur said this.

    “I had the exact same situation with Gears of War…beating the final boss on insane mode, and realising you’ve just wasted weeks of your life pummelling a controller.”

    Brad Roscoe – 0wn1ng N00bs in MMOs

    Computer Noob Cat

    Brad had a few, so to summarise:

  • Battlefield 3: Unlocking 6x scoped bipodded heavy barrel Famas so I can camp noobs in style.
  • Call of Duty: Dominating call of duty broadcast, only multiplayer map I ever played like a total nerd used to get 40+ kills 5 deaths every game
  • World of Warcraft: Getting a Level 85 Holy Paladin
  • Starcraft 2: Promoted to silver league in Starcraft 2 – highest I could get as I would always always get bored with standard builds and decide to build 5 more bases for fun or 30 banshees.
  • Jack Cornwall – Levelled a holy priest in Vanilla WoW by only doing dungeons and have over a year of continuous play time

    Vanilla WoW Meme

    Jack used to play a LOT of World of Warcraft back in the day.

    This is the reason this was so hard according to Jack:

  • 1 year 65 days of me actually logged in to that specific character (not held the account for that long) this was over 6 years
  • Vanilla wow was really hard (about 14.56 times harder than it is now)
  • Holy means I basically do no damage.
  • Now you have an automatic queuing system that makes you join dungeon groups with people from any realm, back in the day you could only do them with people on your server and you had to go round shouting the following: “LF Tank Sunken temple no NEWBS!” “LF 3 DPS SUNKEN TEMPLE!” This could often take hours. Took me approximately 25 days of continuous play time ( 600Hrs) to reach level 60 in this way. By the time I stopped playing I had grown 14 fully fledged virginities with minds of their own
  • Would you like to submit your achievement?

    Contact me! Or add in the commets :)


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