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Hi guys. Last week I reviewed Samorost by Amanita Design. This Week I decided to review all the other free games they have. You can play them by going to the games page. They’re all pretty short, but fun.

Amanita Design Logo

Console: All In Browser
Which games will you be reviewing? Questionaut, The Quest for the Rest, Osada and Rocketman
What is “Amanita”? I believe it’s a poisonous mushroom. I recall in Castlevania gmaes you can sometimes pick them up, and if you eat it well…it’s bad for your health.


Questionaut Screenshot

Questionaut is a game that Amanita Design made for the BBC. You can play it on the Questionaut page.

It’s a game to help kids study for their Key Stage 2 exams. These exams are taken at age 10/11 at the end of primary school (although I did an 11+ which is slightly different). In this game there are 8 stages with questions based around Maths, English and Science.

The setting is: a little man (the “Questionaut” I suppose) lives with his friend. Her hat has blown away, and he sails in his hot air balloon to different sky islands to find it. It’s a very cute premise and the art is lovely. It’s a mix between the real/unreal style of Samorost and the beautiful illustrations from Machinarium. The music is by Floex and it’s really nice.

Before you answer your questions, you have a little point and click puzzle to solve – true Amanita style. My favourite is shown above where you have to melt an icicle in a bunsen burner.

I think Questionaut is a really fun game – a great way to help kids learn (and maybe remind adults of some of the things they’d forgotten).

The Quest for the Rest

The Quest for the Rest Screenshot

The Quest for the Rest is a very short point-and-click puzzle game. You play a 3 friends trying to find their way back to the rest of their people. The art for the characters is similar to that for Questionaut and Samorost – simple, but up against a beautiful background.

The music featured in it is by The Polyphonic Spree – and it’s very beautiful, especially the ending song.

Got a spare five minutes? Play this game, sample the music, go on an adventure through desert, forest and sea!


Osada Screenshot

Osada is an interactive music video. It is… strange. You move from one screen to the next by solving a puzzle, as with many of the other games. You can do this in your own time as each thing you do changes the music in the background.

The video itself is much like the mashed up realism of Samorost. It has a vaguely cowboys-and-indians theme. Whatever the story is, I’m not sure, but the music is fun.


Rocketman Amanita Design Screenshot

Rocketman is a game that was made in association with Nike to help them market a new brand of shoes. It involves some scientists charging some shoes with jet engines and giving them to a basketball player (Vince Carter? Means nothing to me).

The art is nice in this game – a good little bit of interactivity on Nike’s part.

I hope you enjoyed these – I will be doing a review of Machinarium at a later date.

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