Bin-Glo Review

Hi folks! This weekend I’m doing a review of a fun little iPhone game I was playing when I went to see a friend recently. I hope you enjoy my Bin-Glo review!

Bin Glo Logo


Console: iOS
Bin-Glo?: Yeah, like “glowing bingo” except it’s not actually a bingo game.
What then? More of a bubble shooter

So, I was at my friend’s the other week (the one who’s a new mum) and she was showing me her new iPhone. To be honest, I don’t care about all that (how many are we up to now, 5, 6?) but she did show me some of her favourite games for it. One of which was Bin-Glo (which you can download for free) which was made by the guys at Mecca Bingo. I’d never really played on an iPhone before, but to be honest it doesn’t control much differently from a Windows Phone.

Bin Glo Crazy Modes Screenshot

Crazy Crazy Modes

Anyway, the game is pretty simple. You’re given some numbers (like in bingo) and you have to pop the balls that appear with those numbers on. It’s kind of physics based – which is fun, I really enjoy games like this and Crayon Physics which used your brain in order to get you to achieve a goal. It’s time-based which I’m never too fond of, but it’s fine for a mobile platform (since you only pick it up to play for a few minutes).

Bin Glo Screenshot

Bouncing Bingo Balls Yeah

There are two gameplay modes – one is kind of a more “classic” bubble-shooter, and the other is a maze (as you can see above). I liked the maze one because it adds that extra challenge – you have to angle your shots to get behind the walls and stuff, so it’s a bit extra that other bubble-shooters don’t have.

And hey, what can I say – it lived up to it’s name, everything has a cool backlit effect. Hence “Bin-GLO” after all.

For free – it’s worth downloading. If they had a Windows version, I’d get it (and then I could actually get some achievements under my name, hahaha).

Any recommendation for phone games?

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