Botanicula Review

Hello and welcome to a long overdue Botanicula Review. It’s an game made by Amanita Design who also made the wonderful Machinarium.

Botanicula Logo

Console: PC
Is this like Machinarium? It is a point and click adventure with no words, so yes.
Easier or harder? I found it considerably easier

Botanicula is a lovely game. You can1 play the demo and buy it at the official website. It’s only $10.

It’s about these little plant guys

Botanicula Characters

Aren’t they cute

The forest that they live in has come under threat because of the black spiders that are killing all life!

Botanicula Spiders

Oh No!

And we have to help destroy them, save our friends and replant the forest!

Botanicula Chestnuts

My favourite side characters – The chestnuts!

Like Machinarium, Botanicula is a point and click adventure game. You explore a really beautiful forest, interact with lots of unique creatures, and solve puzzles.

Botanicula Submarine

There’s even a submarine level!

I really love the art in this game – the backgrounds are really very beautiful, and sometimes nonsensical, but that’s okay.

You always travel as a group of five, although some tasks mean you have to use the special skills of a particular member of your party. This isn’t ever too hard to figure out, as you can’t get a game over or get to the stage where a wrong decision means you can’t finish the game.

The music was done by DVA. Their music style is quite strange, but it works so well for this game.

In fact, one of the reasons I was interested in playing the game was because of the “theme song” I suppose you could call it. It’s such a fun, happy song that I was interested to see what kind of game it was made for.

Most of the puzzles in this game are quite easy – although some of them have a strange logic behind them. However, most of them were much easier than the puzzles in Machinarium (which is really difficult if you’re not using a walkthrough!)

It’s $10 – you may as well buy it! Or at least play the demo. If you liked Machinarium, you may as well play this.


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