Burnout Dominator Review

Hi all, another review of a PSP game that came with my PSP. Today it is Burnout Dominator and how I feel about that.

Burnour Dominator Cover

Console: PSP
Compared to other racing games: Really love it. The only racing game it can’t compare to is Mario Kart but that’s almost impossible to beat.
Best thing about this game: Being able to smash other drivers into the wall.

Like the many games that just “came with the PSP” I expected Burnout Dominator to be a crappy sports racing game.

I was pleasantly surprised

Burnout Dominator Supercharge

This game isn’t (always) about racing! It’s about driving your car like a terrible driver and trying not to crash! It’s really awesome.

Burnout Dominator Crash

The controls are fairly simple. The one thing I found difficult it you don’t drift with L&R, you do that with square. And drifting is s pretty important “bad driver” skill. You get points for drifting. You also get points for

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Near misses
  • Bumping someone else’s car
  • Running someone else off the road
  • Getting air

It makes for really fun, pretty unique gamelplay.

Domintor Burnout Slam

Even if you’re fairly crap, like I am, you can still progress. It’s not all about getting the highest score or coming first all the time. Each stage has 3 medals you can win for performing variously well. Some stages have cars that you can win by completing certain challenges.

Something I really liked is they had different stages for different countries – you can drive on the Auto-Bahn in Germany, and through winding paths in Italy (if you play like I do, you’ll crash into little cafés a lot). Each stage has unlockable shortcuts that you can only access if you smash another car through the posts. It’s really cool.

Burnout Dominator Shortcut

Also, being made by EA, it comes with the “EA Sports Rock Music Soundtrack” that seems to appear frequently. I think it works really well for this game.

If you’re into driving games, I would suggest this one. If you’re not sure if you’re into driving games and can find it for cheap, try it.

Shout out to Matt155 you LPs a lot of driving games on Youtube. (HINT: Matt, you should play this)

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