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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review

Hi. I’ve been very remiss to do this review. This game broke my heart. I’m keeping this review spoiler free, but if you’ve played the game and you read this review you’ll understand why. Here it is, my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies review.

Dual Destinies Box Art

Console 3DS
Compared to other games in the series: Dual Destinies is the best, it’s so good
Best Character: Without a shadow of a doubt, Detective Fulbright… I love him.

36 Ace Attorney sprites that exactly explain my job

In today’s Buzzfeed article, I’m going to talk about my job but present it to you in Ace Attorney sprites.

My job involves looking at graphs and reporting on website performance, with a little bit of SEO.

I really like Ace Attorney

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Some Gaming Memorabilia I have bought

This is a bit of a random one. I’ve previously talked about Artbooks that you need in your life so thought today I’d just talk about some game collectibles I own/have boguht for someone else because that kind of thing needs reviewing.

A shout out to Fangamer as they are the ones who stock a lot of cool things. Their customer service is ace and they send you cool treats in with your swag (last time someone sent me a cool picture of Strago from FFVI!! I was well chuffed!)

Read on if you actually care what I own.

My Favourite Androgynous Characters from Video Games

I really love characters that at first glance could be either a man or a woman. So I just thought I’d do a post on some of my favourites that I’ve seen in games over the years.

Are there any that you would like to add? Comment below!

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8 Games that need remaking/ports/English Versions (or something)

Since I couldn’t think of a topic this wek I thought I’d just steal Rhys’ idea (kind of).

There are a lot of games from my teenage years that I would love to see on a modern console, and there are many games from before my time that I feel I missed out on. So here’s a list of games that need to be brought back. Maybe not changed (much) but certainly brought back to life.

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How cute is this E3 Game

I’ve kind of been following E3. I’m not about to get a PS4 or anything, but I love knowing what games are about to be released. I found this:

Best of E3 Gamergraphic – by the team at

And also, here’s a cool chart of all the games that will be released.

Here’s what I care about:

  • New Ace Attorney (been announced for a while)
  • New Pokémon (Haven’t played B&W2 yet, been announced for ages)
  • New Castlevania (not that I’ve played Lord of Shadows, and it’s a sequel)
  • New Final Fantasy (Haven’t played XIII but hey, whatever)
  • New Kingdom Hearts (Although I’m kind of worried. The spin-offs got worse and worse)
  • New Shin Megami Tensei (Been announced for ages)
  • Link to the Past Sequel (Actually playing Link to the Past for the first time right now)
  • Smash Bros on the 3DS (Never played any of them, everyone says they’re really good)
  • 12+ Video Game Men that a girl gamer thinks are hot

    OK, I might as well do a follow up to my highly succesful post full of pictures of sexy ladies but with guys. I dedicate this to Laura who said she’d prefer a post with hot guys.

    Now, since I’m not really very attracted to guys, this might be a bit hit and miss. In no particular order:

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    12+ Video Game Females a Girl Gamer thinks are Sexy

    OK, I dedicate this post to AJ and Jules who both have great conversational skills and twitter feeds.

    Basically, this post isn’t a review but pictures of pretty girls from games according to me

    Now, let’s get this started – I am open to suggestions. I’ll post any that you guys give.

    In no particular order:

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    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review

    Welcome to what is (for now) my final review in the Ace Attorney series. I remember hearing about this game from the very first rumours that it might be called Perfect Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. It is of course an Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth review.

    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Cover

    Console: DS
    As the 2nd Ace Attorney game made specifically for the DS how did it do? Really well – far better use of the touch screen than Apollo Justice.
    Edgeworth as a main character? Is awesome.

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    Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations Review

    Okay, it’s been a while since we did one of these games; here’s my Phoenix Wrights: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations review.

    T+T Review

    Console: DS
    Murder murder murder (change the fucking record!) as always? This is actually the first (and only) game where one of the cases isn’t… all… about murder – as one case has trial about theft
    Favourite character from this game: I like Luke Atmey because he’s kooky and Glen Elg because he’s a nerd. NERDS.

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