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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Review

Toda is my Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney review – the 4th in the series. Let’s see how this goes.

Who's this loser

Console: DS
What happened to the 3rd installment? Trials and Tribulation is actually the 3rd installment in the Ace Attorney series, but its release was delayed in Europe for so long that they were actually able to release Apollo Justice before T&T.
So, this Apollo guy…: Yes, nothing to do with Phoenix. The new protagonist was a controversial move and a lot of the fandom wasn’t very accepting. But I think it’s a good game and nice and refreshing. Phoenix had a good run, so let him go.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All Review

I bought Phoenix Wright for Jo for Christmas a couple of years ago. Enjoying this game immensely (I remember reading a scene between Ema and Lana out loud at one stage) we went in search of all the sequels and then review them. The first is my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All review.

Edgeworth is on the cover so he can't be dead

Console: DS
Better or worse?: This game has 4 unconnected cases whereas the first had a little backstory and it was nice. So worse, but I enjoyed it.
Favourite character?: Ben, the ventriloquist who fakes a stammer and a personality. Basically no backstory on this guy but I love making stuff up because he’s so weird.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

This game showed me a genre of games that I had never discovered before: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney lead me into a great world of plot thick, puzzle based games. So enjoy my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review.


Console: DS
Favourite Character: I’d marry Phoenix and my girlfriend knows it
Is it true that if I liked Professor Layton I’ll like this?: I don’t know one person who likes one game and doesn’t like the other. It’s very different from Layton as it doesn’t revolve around individual puzzles, but a good sense of logic is required.

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