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Botanicula Review

Hello and welcome to a long overdue Botanicula Review. It’s an game made by Amanita Design who also made the wonderful Machinarium.

Botanicula Logo

Console: PC
Is this like Machinarium? It is a point and click adventure with no words, so yes.
Easier or harder? I found it considerably easier

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Machinarium Review

Hi all, this is the 3rd week running that I’ll review a game by Amanita Design. Enjoy my Machinarium review.

Machinarium Cover Art

Console: PC (Although you can also get it for iOS & Android)
So it’s about robots? YEP! Really cute robots!
Isn’t this game really hard? Yes, the puzzles are very challenging, I needed a walkthrough for a lot of it. You can play the machinarium demo to see if it’s for you.

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Amanita Design – Short Games Review

Hi guys. Last week I reviewed Samorost by Amanita Design. This Week I decided to review all the other free games they have. You can play them by going to the games page. They’re all pretty short, but fun.

Amanita Design Logo

Console: All In Browser
Which games will you be reviewing? Questionaut, The Quest for the Rest, Osada and Rocketman
What is “Amanita”? I believe it’s a poisonous mushroom. I recall in Castlevania gmaes you can sometimes pick them up, and if you eat it well…it’s bad for your health.

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Samorost Review

Here’s a game by one of my favourite indie game developers: Amanita Design. I hope you enjoy this Samorost review.


Console: Browser
“Samorost”? I’m not sure, but there’s a Czech word “samorost” which means “Self-Made”.
What kind of game is this? A short point-and-click. You can play it here, it’ll probably take about 10 minutes, deending on your puzzle-solving skills.

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