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12+ Video Game Men that a girl gamer thinks are hot

OK, I might as well do a follow up to my highly succesful post full of pictures of sexy ladies but with guys. I dedicate this to Laura who said she’d prefer a post with hot guys.

Now, since I’m not really very attracted to guys, this might be a bit hit and miss. In no particular order:

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Again Review

Yeah, the title doesn’t make much sense. This Again review will give you some insight into the world of one of the last games made by Cing before they went bust.

Again DS Cover


Console: DS
Compared to other Cing DS Games: Decent plot, not a favourite
Was this the last ever Cing game? No, that was Last Window. This is just the last one I played.

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Another Code Review

Hello and welcome to this edition of Gaming Memoirs. Today we have an Another Code review for you. It was not a very widespread game, so I hope you enjoy this insight.

Another Code Cover Art

Another Code

Console: DS
The main character looks familiar… It’s because she looks like a younger version of Mila from Hotel Dusk
Hotel Dusk was a good game This is like a “Hotel Dusk in training”.

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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West Review

Guys, guys, this review makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I’m going to review a game I really love, and sad because the parent company went bust (although happy because this game got a UK release but not an American one haha). Enjoy my Last Window: The Secret of Cape West review.

Last Window Secret of Cape West Box Art

Last Window Box Art

Console: DS
A sequel to Hotel Dusk!? Yes, it was not made public very well after Cing went bust, I didn’t even know this game existed until I saw Kyle’s beautiful face in CEX
Good, bad, ugly? Good and definitely not ugly.

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Hotel Dusk Review

When people ask me questions like ‘If I like Ace Attorney what should I play?’ and ‘If I like Prof. Layton, what should I play?’ I normally recommend the other. Unless they’ve played both, in which case I recommend today’s review, Hotel Dusk. Because I recently recommended this to a certain someone who I don’t think has played it, I’ll keep this Hotel Dusk review spoiler free.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Console: DS
How is it like Ace Attorney? It’s very text-based and plot driven.
How is it like Prof. Layton? Logic based puzzles that enable you to progress at certain areas.

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