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Skyshine’s Bedlam Review – Even if you cheat, it’s still a slaughterfest

I was approached by a cool guy named Trice to write a review of a game he’s gone bonkers for – take it away! I love these kind of posts, so if you want to do one, feel free to get in touch!


Skyshine’s Bedlam is a turn-based roguelike where players drive a ginormous APC across a post-apocalyptic desert riddled with mutants, robots, marauders and the occasional boss battle.

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10 Slots to Play When You’re Feeling Depressed

Hi guys, got a post here from a friend who plays a lot of slot games – as I am not expert, I’m happy to let them talk about their favourites.

Even slot lovers can be down in the dumps and feel despondent from time to time. When this happens we all look for that one true blue friend who will be there to brighten up our day and make us feel better. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 10 video slots which are so colorful and have such an uplifting tone that they are sure brighten up your day when you’re feeling down and low.

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Review

Hi guys, guest post here from another gaming enthusiast from Video Gamized! It’s a review of a game I’ve never played – and after reading, I’m quite interested!

Hello everyone and I am Aryan, the owner of Video Games Redefined blog here: and I welcome you to my review of Hitman Silent Assassin which I am posting as a guest post on Gaming Memoirs.

Hitman 2 Cover

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Things I Learned About Getting Fit…From That “Unlikeliest” of Sources, Video Games

Here’s another guest post by my girlfriend who previously wrote a really detailed review of the Bit Trip Saga. Enjoy!

I’m going to preface this with a little explanation; when I was in high school, I was that kid in the PE class who, upon hearing the words “It’s summer! It’s Athletics Term! Today we’re doing 1600 metres!” would curl internally into a little ball and cry the whole way around the track, probably not completing the circuit before the hour long lesson was up. Seven years later, I just completed my first 5k (on the treadmill, at least), and now next June I’m hoping to complete a 5K Race for Life. So how did that despairing, super unfit girl from high school, who then did no more exercise than walking to work for five years, finally get the motivation to get going to the gym properly?
Video games.

…I’ll explain, don’t go away rolling your eyes just yet.

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Popular Games Inspire Copy-Cat Versions

A while ago I was talking about addicting browser games that you shouldn’t play and I got into a discussion with a friend of mine that most of the really addicting games these games are rips of other games. I said “wanna say that to an audience” and she agreed.

For every popular game there are dozens if not hundreds of copycats. The industry is rife with clones that are just different enough to remain competitive; in fact, some of these clones even become more popular than the original games. Here are just a few of the more recent games that inspired a plethora of duplicates.

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5 of the Most Addictive Video Games to Have Ever Been Created

A little while ago I wrote a post about really addicting browser games and a friend of mine wanted to give her input, so please enjoy her take on addiciting games!

With so many exciting video-games available, it’s almost impossible to narrow a list down to five of the most addictive. Candy Crush Saga is enjoyed by almost a half-billion player’s world-wide. Bejeweled Blitz and World of Warcraft are more popular than ever, and gaming just keeps getting more interesting – as the following five games attest.

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Why casinos are making their way into more and more video games

Guest post today about how casinos are making it into games more and more. Don’t believe me? I recently played Final Fantasy VI, remember?

The dark and tempting world of casinos has been influencing popular culture for many years – from Sharon Stone’s alluring Ginger McKenna in 1995 flick Casino to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. But with the rise of online gambling – an industry said to have made £2 billion in 2013, it’s only natural that the addictive practice would make its way into video games.

Over the last decade the theme of gambling has made for a colourful and exciting theme for many PC and video games, from 2004’s Vegas Tycoon to the ill-fated Casino Royale video game. Despite the media hysteria that was Daniel Craig’s first Bond role in 2006, a video game version that was planned by Electronic Arts was dropped after it was announced it would not be available in time for the film’s November release.


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How independent games developers can take full advantage of the ‘Golden Age’ of gaming

Got a guest post today from a friend who’s talking about the best way game developers can learn from the classics that we all love.



Everyone has their own idea of when the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of gaming was. Purists (and those aged over 40) often say that the late 1970s and early eighties was the original and only Golden Age as this was the time when gaming as a whole was in its infancy and therefore games like Pong and Space Invaders were totally revolutionary.

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The Worst Super Hero Games Ever

Hey guys, a friend of mine asked if she could write a post on crappy Super-Hero games so here you go!

Superhero movies have dominated the summer movie season the last few years, and with the quality of films such as Thor, The Avengers, and X-Men: First Class it’s not difficult to see why the superhero genre has been so successful at the box office.


One realm where caped crusaders haven’t always fared so well, however, is on video game consoles. Some games were rushed to market as move tie-ins, while others were just poorly conceived and constructed. Regardless of the reasoning, the following superhero games represent some of the worst of the worst (in no particular order).


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Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

Hi guys – guest review by Mike here! Enjoy!

Killzone Shadow Fall Boxart

Well guess what everyone, the Helghast are at it again but this time it is in stunning crystal clear HD. Yes Killzone is finally back and on the PS4 no less. I could not wait to get this game on Day 1 of the PS4 launch since I have been salivating over putting down the Helghast forces since the reveal trailer first was released. So put down your controller for a few minutes and wipe the cheeto’s dust off your fingertips because here comes the review of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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