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The Future of Girls and Gaming

Here’s a guest post from regular commenter Wesley! It’s about girls and gaming, and being a girl gamer, I appreciate this!

Girl and boys playing video games

Video games in the past have been disproportionately driven by a male audience. This lack of empathy towards the female sex has caused such a stir that researchers have invested time and money into discovering the reasons why. This has come with results in which both discovering and improving upon the gaming experience for women of all ages has caused investors and designers to take a different approach.

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Bit Trip Saga Review

I thought I’d let my girlfriend do a review of a 3DS game that she’s good at but I really suck at. Enjoy!


bit trip boxart

Hello there readers!  Jo here, with a BIT.TRIP Saga review!

What is BIT.TRIP?  Well, it’s a collection of six rhythm games, which I’ll go through in the order they were originally released, but all the games share the same retro style appearance and sound design, much like a lot of classic arcade games.  Honestly, some of the music in these games is fantastic, and it’s really worth a listen!

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Persona 4 Arena Review

Guest post from a mate of mine from Germany today! It’s of a game I really want to play Persona 4 Arena. Over to you! He has awesome taste in games

Hi guys, today I’m reviewing an Atlus/ArcSystem Works game and finding out if this anime brawler is everything is cracked up to be.


Console: PS3, Xbox 360

Is it a fighting game or an RPG? It’s got the DNA of an RPG but it’s definitely a flat out, beat up and bashing brawler.

Is it really that hard? Good luck when you start out and have to control 2 fighters in harmony, but once you get the hang of it you will find yourself hugely addicted. Besides, if you were looking for straightforward entertainment you know you would be better off playing exciting casino games at rather than fighting 2D fantasy figures!

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Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which Has More Selling Points?

I’m sure you’re all excited about the recent PS4 announcement! Well here’s a Guest post about the best of both PS4 and XBOXOne


Talk of the consoles is always around the corner, so to speak. We have heard everything from the speculation that Xbox One will require a high speed Internet connection to the idea that both consoles will support an almost unheard of resolution that is not widespread in the modern household. Here are the key selling points and features.

Playstation 4

The Playstation 4 is making a push towards the next generation. The rumored technical specifications reveal a bit about the Playstation 4.


The Playstation 4 will be bringing an 8-core processor, from AMD, for your gaming needs. The processor is going by the codename Jaguar. Other than raw processing power, it is bringing a powerful graphics processing unit, but the specifications for that unit have not yet been released to the public. The graphics processor will be shipping with 8 gigabytes of GDDR5.


The controller will be almost identical to that of the Playstation 3, but it will be bringing a touchpad where the start and select buttons used to be. It is also bringing a new feature, a 3D tracking light panel.

In addition to a slick new controller, the Playstation 4 will also bring a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) for your viewing pleasure. This has been confirmed to be in the works for both games and movies.

As a new feature, Sony is going to be promoting a new method of social media. You will be able to observe your friend’s games. If they are willing, and doing badly enough, you could take control of the game and play for them.

Xbox One

The Xbox One is intent on releasing this year. And unlike Sony, Microsoft is not afraid of being the first to release its console, just like the Xbox 360.


Unlike the Playstation 4, Microsoft has yet to release the details for its powerful new processor, but it is going to be an AMD based chip. It will have 8 gigabytes of on board memory to support the processor. The details on the graphics processing unit have yet to be released. But you will have plenty for storage, since the Xbox One is coming with 500 gigabytes of storage space.


The controller for this Xbox One is to stay virtually the same, minus a few tweaks. You can expect the controller will still have the Xbox 360’s charm.

The Xbox One is also going to support 4K resolution, although it is unknown whether this will be available to games or just movies.

Do you like voice activation? With the new Kinect sensor, you will be able to relay voice commands to your Xbox One, with commands such as playing movies, opening a browser or a video game.

Microsoft is adopting an interesting sharing strategy for the Xbox One. Any game you upload to the cloud will be able to be shared among your friends. You could even sell the game to your friend, and then you lose access to the game. Your friend would have full access to the game if you chose to sell it.

Both machines have a similar hardware layout, but the features will apply to different groups of people. Both machines are practically neck and neck regardless of where you look.

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Changing online gaming perspectives

Hi guys, here’s a guest post by Mark about how online gaming has changed over time, hope you enjoy!

The days of gaming online being just a means to pass time has long gone. Gaming today is educational, entertaining, and for some, it’s even a form of income.

Apple Game Server Online

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How To Fix The Missing Follower Glitch in Skyrim

Note: If you can’t find a solution in the post – please look at the comments, a lot of people have found many different methods! If you do find a solution please comment!

Today we have a guest post by SEOno about a hilarious way to fix a glitch in Skyrim!

For all its charm, Skyrim is a helluva glitchy game. Perhaps one of the most worrying bugs I’ve come across – as I thought I’d have to restart my game file – is the missing follower glitch, which is when your follower disappears but they haven’t died, so you’re unable to recruit a new one, however you’re unable to find them absolutely anywhere, leaving you followerless (if that’s even a word).

Sometimes fast travelling to a new location can fix it – they’ll just ‘catch up’ to you. Also, certain quests replace your follower with another one: this is the case with Proving Honor, with Farkas replacing your follower, however Farkas meets you at the quest location (rather than following you there), which has ended up confusing people and wondering why they can’t recruit a new follower in the meantime.

For me however… I lost my follower and I searched everywhere to try and find them. I nearly gave up until I accidentally stumbled upon the solution in the funniest circumstances possible.

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A Homage to Skies of Arcadia

A massive thanks to Steve from for writing this post about one of his favourite games (that I really want to play). I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and appreciate him taking the time to fill in! Follow him on twitter, he’s a cool guy.

Skies of Arcadia Cover

Skies of Arcadia Cover

Given that two of my three favourite games of all time are part of the Final Fantasy series (FFVII and FFXII), I’m not only a massive Final Fantasy fan but a massive RPG fan generally. But what’s the third game, you’re wondering? A lesser-known but brilliant RPG that was originally launched on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast (although later re-released on the Nintendo GameCube): Skies of Arcadia.

Sega Dreamcast

I don’t know if it’s true, but according to SoA’s Wikipedia page, the Dreamcast version only sold 10,000 outside of Japan, despite high praise from critics. It even made IGN’s Top 100 RPGs of All Time list at a respectable #63. The low unit numbers absolutely astound me… I can’t believe so few people have played it – I personally don’t know anyone else who’s played it out of all my gaming friends, some of whom are also diehard RPGers.

As one of the lucky few who grabbed one of those 10,000 original/Dreamcast versions, I wanted to write up a little tribute to the game. For those who’ve played it, hopefully it’ll bring back a few memories. For those who haven’t, here’s a little info on what you missed out on (unless it ever sees another re-release)…
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5 worst ever video games

Hi guys, a guest post today from the lovely guys at Music Magpie – they decided to share their opinion on the 5 worst video games ever – Thankfully, I have never experienced any of them. You might want to check if you have any terrible games worth selling.

A look back at the worst video games of all time won’t exactly have you grabbing at your modern consoles, eager to sell psp and other devices in order to switch back to some older platforms. There have been some real stinkers, here are the top 5.

ET Atari Game Cover

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

These days, almost every other film release has a computer game to go with, however, back in the 80s, this trend was in its infancy. So it was a brave move move by Warner Communications to release E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, an Atari developed spin off game to accompany the Steven Spielberg motion picture of the same name. Ultimately the experiment didn’t pay off, with the the entertainment giants losing a net total of $100 million after shifting just 1.5 millions copies of the 5 million ordered. However, that spin off video games were a new concept to consumers wasn’t completely to blame for E.T.’s failure, more significant was the fact that the title was lazily produced, hideous to look at and incredibly boring to play.

Custers Revenge Atari Cover Art

Custer’s Revenge

Developed by the now defunct Mystique, the 1982 release Custer’s Revenge was not so much a computer game as a case study in causing offence. The object was to maneuver the pixelated representation of a clearly excited General George Armstrong Custer, naked, save for his hat, cowboy boots and neckerchief, from one end of the screen to the other, while avoiding projectiles in the shape of arrows launched off screen, presumably by a gang of unhappy Native Americans. On arrival at his destination, the honourable General would then exact revenge for his death at the Battle of Little Bighorn by raping a Native American woman bound to a totem pole.

Pac-Man Atari 2600

Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

The home release of the arcade favourite Pac-Man highly anticipated, however, when it was finally launched in 1981 on the Atari 2600, thousands of gamers were left hugely disappointed. The disk shaped hero had not only had the classic action of his chomping mouth changed to a simple open close motion, his iconic crunching sound bites had gone, replaced by a brittle metallic boing. Even the ghosts were a pale imitation of their once colourful selves. Atari tried to make amends with a much improved version on both the 400 and 800 systems, however, let down fans felt that it was too little too late.

Super columbine massacre RPG Cover

Super Columbine Massacre RPG

One of the most unpleasant titles ever created is Super Columbine Massacre RPG for the PC. The idea of the game, devised by developer Danny Ledonne, was to recreate the horrific Columbine School murders carried out by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. As well as trivialising a tragedy, Super Columbine Massacre featured a terrible plot, appalling gameplay and cartoony graphics at odds with the serious theme professed by the game’s creator.

Club Drive Cover

Club Drive

The object of the Atari developed game Club Drive was to zoom around a nondescript landscape collecting power balls along the way. For extra excitement, the game included objects that you were supposed to be avoided, however, the developer’s grasp of physics was so loose that if you did run into these untextured polygons, nothing would happen anyway, making them as redundant as the game itself.

5 Cool Video Game Character Costumes

Hi guys, here for your enjoyment is an guest post by the guys at Fancy Dress Ball who have some really ace video game character costumes – just get planning for Halloween (I want to dress as Rin from Final Fantasy X, but that’s after Halloween!) In fact you can read about my adventures as Rin here. Anyway!

Halloween is on its way again and with it the chance to go all out with a fancy dress costume. For some people, thinking of a creative, original concept for a costume is child’s play, others need a little inspiration. If you are stuck for ideas on Halloween costumes or just fancy doing something different from the old sheet over the head, why not go to your next spooky soiree in a costume from one of your most beloved video games?!

A lot of the time, when you are dressed as something a little obscure you have to explain it all night and by the end of it wish you hadn’t bothered, but as a classic video game character you will be instantly recognised and may also turn a few smiles. Here is a list of the five coolest characters for whatever ghostly gathering you have in mind:

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Three reasons to consider the Nintendo 3DS XL

Here’s a guest post from Nintendo UK on the 3DS XL. I really really want one and this is not helping!

So, the latest Nintendo console to hit the market is here and early reviews have suggested it’s proving a hit with fans – but what reasons are there to actually head out to the store and buy a Nintendo 3DS XL? Let’s take a look.


Nintendo 3DS

WANT gimme gimme



Bigger is most definitely better!


While handheld gaming is something we all love to do, there is no getting away from that fact that since the dawn of the video game things have always looked better on a bigger screen. The great thing about the Nintendo 3DS XL is that while very little has changed about how you use it; the sheer size of the screen gives games a whole new atmosphere. In fact, the combined difference in screen size between the old model and its successor adds up to a staggering 90 per cent.


Nintendo has made it last longer


One of the other things that have improved significantly with this brand new 3DS Nintendo console is the battery life. Nintendo has been able to give gamers on the go even longer time to play by beefing up the 3DS XL power source to up to 6.5 hours, depending on how it’s being used.


A great range of titles – in 3D and 2D


If you already own a Nintendo 3DS, all you’re old games will run on the new system so you won’t have to start your collection from scratch. Those who are making the jump from older iterations of the Nintendo DS like the Nintendo DSi will also find it backwards compatible with their software. However, with the immense new 3DS XL screen, you can expect a very different gaming experience. Kid Icarus will soar through the sky in much more epic style and the classic platform action of Super Mario 3D Land will feel much more expansive and enjoyable.


Mario Dash

It’s-a me, Mario!

There are other improvements to the 3DS XL system that people will enjoy, including a better ergonomic design and a bigger SD card to play with, but most people will probably be buying the console to enjoy the sheer size of that new screen.