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Metroid Prime Hunters Review

Thanks to Jules I got the chance to play Metroid Fusion which scared me a bit but I rather liked. Thought I would do a Metroid Prime Hunters review as well.

Metroid Prime Hunters Cover

Console: DS
Different from Fusion? Yes, very different
Prefered? Fusion

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Metroid Fusion Review

Thank you to astronomer Julian Kay who lend methis game to review. Listen up folks, it’s finally Metroid Fusion review time.

Metroid Fusion Cover

Metroid Fusion Cover

Console: GBA
Castlevania? Basically
In Space? Oh yes

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12+ Video Game Females a Girl Gamer thinks are Sexy

OK, I dedicate this post to AJ and Jules who both have great conversational skills and twitter feeds.

Basically, this post isn’t a review but pictures of pretty girls from games according to me

Now, let’s get this started – I am open to suggestions. I’ll post any that you guys give.

In no particular order:

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