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Looking Back: N64 Memories

I remember once upon a time (I was 11) my art teacher asked us to draw something that held meaning to us. Everyone in the class drew some kind of stuffed animal, except me. I drew one of these:

Nintendo 64 with a Mario 64 cartridge

I was a weird kid

The reason I drew it was because I had gotten it for my 7th birthday and I knew that it was large investment on my mum’s behalf, and I had such great memories playing the thing with my sister and my cousins. No stuffed animal meant anywhere near as much to me.

So, I’ve decided today to go through the N64 games I’ve played in my time. I hope you enjoy this bought of nostalgia as much as you did with my Sega Mega Drive Post.

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How cute is this E3 Game

I’ve kind of been following E3. I’m not about to get a PS4 or anything, but I love knowing what games are about to be released. I found this:

Best of E3 Gamergraphic – by the team at

And also, here’s a cool chart of all the games that will be released.

Here’s what I care about:

  • New Ace Attorney (been announced for a while)
  • New Pokémon (Haven’t played B&W2 yet, been announced for ages)
  • New Castlevania (not that I’ve played Lord of Shadows, and it’s a sequel)
  • New Final Fantasy (Haven’t played XIII but hey, whatever)
  • New Kingdom Hearts (Although I’m kind of worried. The spin-offs got worse and worse)
  • New Shin Megami Tensei (Been announced for ages)
  • Link to the Past Sequel (Actually playing Link to the Past for the first time right now)
  • Smash Bros on the 3DS (Never played any of them, everyone says they’re really good)
  • The evolution of gaming with my friends

    I recently wrote a post about Tekken 5 and it got me thinking of fun gaming things I used to do with my friends and family and what kind of stuff we all do now.

    Bomberman Sega Mega Drive Multiplayer

    Back in the day!

    For example, I have a friend who I used to play loads of Singstar (in case you don’t remember!) with – it was always so much fun, going around to her house, playing some Sing Star, watching a movie. But, that was high school, and now she’s a mum and plays a lot on with some of our other school friends. It’s never really been my kind of thing (I think she mostly goes for the chat rooms) but one day I might decide to join her.

    But here’s a run-down of some of the stuff I used to play with my friends:

    Sega Genesis Mega Drive

    It was all about the Sega!

    At my house

    Anyone who came over – my friends, my cousins whoever – would play with me and my sister on the Mega Drive. The best games here were:

  • Bomberman! So much fun! I remember there was a level with traps in the floor and we’d drop bombs in them so they’d pop out where the other players were
  • Streets of Rage. This is actually the first thing I ever reviewed here. Fun, as long as your partner doesn’t decide to beat you up
  • Sonic 2! The multiplayer was essentially just a race across selected stages.
  • MarioKart 64 Screenshot

    My cousins had this beauty!

    At my cousin’s House

    I have 2 sets of cousins, but only one set had a Nintendo 64 that we all played. And these were the games:

  • MarioKart – I am still an expert at this game! Well, I like to think so.
  • Goldeneye – The only game from a film that was any good! I was always Boris
  • Pokémon Stadium – Heck yeah! I was so jealous that my cousins had Mewtwo and I’d not reached that far in Yellow yet!
  • Singstar 80s Screenshot

    Poison was more my song but…

    At my friend’s house

    This is the one who plays on Party Bingo these days. Like I said, we played a lot of Singstar. My song was “Poison” by Alice Cooper. The 80s version was the best! This was normally followed by watching a really crap horror movie we’d rented (remember DVD rentals!?).


    Ahhh back in the day

    With my Sister

    As a rule, anything I played with my cousins, I also played with my sister. But we also played Neopets together. There were loads of cute creatures to chose from, and some fun mini-games too.

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Screenshot

    Where would I be without my tactician

    With my Girlfriend

    To be honest, me and Jo don’t play a lot of multiplayer games. We play a lot of single player games, together, or she watches me play or vice versa. Examples:

  • Playing Final Fantasy VII together, naming the characters, deciding who would play what role.
  • Currently playing Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance together. I’m really hoping that one day we can play the new Fire Emblem X SMT Game together.
  • Actaully, we really like Atlus games, and tend to watch each other play them
  • Currently playing Shadow Hearts together. We’re trying to take screenshots for my Shadow Hearts Resource/Fan Site
  • photo by: bochalla

    Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire Review

    Another day, another game lent to me by Pokémon fan Julian Kay. I present to you my Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire review.

    Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire

    Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

    Console: GBA
    Pinball…: Yes, this is pinball with a distinctly Pokémon theme
    Ruby & Sapphire? Means that it’s a sequel to the original Pokémon Pinball – that is, it’s on a GBA not a GameBoy

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    Pokémon White Review

    Wow, it seems I’m always writing about Pokémon. And just as the sequel to this game is released I write my Pokémon White Review.

    Pokemon White Box Art

    Pokémon White

    Console: DS
    Why White, not black? Because I’m racist/white supremist. Seriously, it’s because Zekrom has a cooler design than Reshiram. TRON DRAGON
    Placement in series? Gen V is probably my favourite. In spite of some of the really weird designs.

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    Pokémon Ruby Review

    Freaking heck, I can’t believe my Pokémon Ruby review is finally here. I think this was the first GameBoy Advance game I ever played (unless you count some of the Ace Attorney games, since they were originally designed for that console).

    Pokemon Ruby Boxart

    Pokémon Ruby Box Art

    Console: GBA
    Where does this place in the series? At the back
    How come you didn’t play Emerald? I did, but the game broke about half-way through.

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    Mini-Games and Me

    Hi all, it’s been a while, I know. Today I’m going to do one of those rare ‘not a review’ type posts.

    I’m going to post about these things: mini-games. Love ’em, or hate ’em?

    Fishing MiniGame Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

    This is one of the better mini-games

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    Pokémon HeartGold Review

    It seems like a whole two posts since I last reviewed a Pokémon game. Here’s my Pokémon HeartGold review.

    Pokemon HeartGold Box Art

    Pokemon HeartGold Box Art

    Console: DS
    Woah woah a remake? Yeah, I never played the original
    Mudkipz?! No, that’s not this generation.

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    Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Review

    Hi all, once again Julian Kay has given me a game to play. Does anyone recall how much I really didn’t like Pokémon Ranger? Well this Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia review may surprise you.

      Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia Box Art

      Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia Box Art

      Console: DS
      Why? To try and get Manaphy of course
      But you hated the first game: I know.

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    Pokémon Global Trade (GTS) Negotiations: Etiquette

    Here is a post I never thought I would have to write.

    In this post I’m going to teach people how to trade Pokémon online via the Pokémon Global Trade (GTS) Negotiations. And how to do it politely.

    Pokemon GTS Global Trade Station Negotiations

    Tradin can be fun and easy if you follow my guide!

    I affectioatly dub this way of trading Pokémon ‘trading with douchebags/dickheads’ because so many stupid /rude people that use this service.

    If someone can provide screenshots for this, that would be amazing, I’ll link back to your website and stuff)

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