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Burnout Dominator Review

Hi all, another review of a PSP game that came with my PSP. Today it is Burnout Dominator and how I feel about that.

Burnour Dominator Cover

Console: PSP
Compared to other racing games: Really love it. The only racing game it can’t compare to is Mario Kart but that’s almost impossible to beat.
Best thing about this game: Being able to smash other drivers into the wall.

SSX On Tour Review

Hi guys, another random game I happen to own via owning a PSP. SSX On Tour. I’ll say this much, before played this game I didn’t even know what SSX was so…

SSX on tour PSP Cover

Console: PSP
What is this game? Like Tony Hawk but for snowboarding
Compared to Tony Hawk? Just… eh.

Fifa 10 Review

Hi guys, welcome to another review of a football game – Fifa 10 for PSP.

Fifa 10 psp cover

Console: PSP
Compared top other football games: I liked this one better
Are you any good?: … No

LittleBigPlanet Review

Hi guys, today I’ll talk about LittleBigPlanet. There are 3 in the series and I played the first on on PSP.

Littlebigplanet PSP

Console: PSP
Genre? It’s a puzzle-platformer that also allows you to create your own puzzle/platforms.
Opinion: I’m a fan of the actual gameplay but don’t actually care about the customisable stuff.

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World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition Review

Oh boy, I played a football game called World Tour Soccer! You really want to hear my review of it!

World Tour Soccer Challenge Edition

Console: PSP
Have you ever played a football game before? Yes, it was for the Sega Mega drive and it was awful.
did this change your mind? Not really, no.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Review

So, one of the best Early Final Fantasy games is Final Fantasy IV. over 15 years after the initial release, they made a sequel to this much beloved game. Ladies and Gentlemen, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV The After Years

Console: PSP
Better/Worse? Worse, but a pretty decent game
Anything really important to mention: Save all your tales onto separate files. Save all your tales onto separate files. Save All your tales onto separate files!

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Final Fantasy IV: Interlude Review

Here is a review of one of the most unnecessary games ever. It’s called Final Fantasy IV: Interlude and it takes place 1 year after the amazing Final Fantasy IV in preparation for the actual sequal – Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Cover

Console: PSP
How long is this game? About 3 hours
Why does it exist? To explain some things that will happen in After Years but you really don’t need them explaining.

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Final Fantasy IV Review

Hi all! I’ve commented a few times before that I really like the music from final Fantasy IV. I also named most of my party from FFVI after FFVI characters. Yet I’ve never played this game. Until now. Ladies and Gentleman, Emma finally reviews Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV PSP Cover

Console: PSP (Yes, that means I’ll be reviewing “Interlude” and “After Years” at a later date
Compared to others in the series: The first in the series where you have a large emotional connection to the characters. Definitely paving the way for FFVI to be the epic that it was.
Best Character: That. Is TOUGH. In terms of playability? I’ll stick with Cecil. In terms of character, I’ll choose Edward.

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Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Review

Hi all. I reviewed Dissidia Final Fantasy a little while ago to much favour. Please enjoy the sequal: Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Review.

Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Cover

Console: PSP
Best New Character to play as: Tough one! Vaan, Kain or Tifa.
Compared to Dissidia If you own Dissidia 012 you really don’t need to own Dissidia.

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Things that I hate in games

Hi guys, let’s go on a rant about things that I hate in games!

By all means, a game isn’t bad if it features it, but man it can make it a hell of a lot worse!

If anyone can think of anything else they hate and primary examples, go right ahead!

Rusty Bucket Bay Banjo Kazooie

I’m looking at you Underwater Levels!

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