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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Review

Hi. I’ve been very remiss to do this review. This game broke my heart. I’m keeping this review spoiler free, but if you’ve played the game and you read this review you’ll understand why. Here it is, my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies review.

Dual Destinies Box Art

Console 3DS
Compared to other games in the series: Dual Destinies is the best, it’s so good
Best Character: Without a shadow of a doubt, Detective Fulbright… I love him.

Hero Generations Review

Hi all, I cannot believe that I forgot to write my Hero Generations review! It’s an awesome game, please check out Hero Generations by Heart Shaped games!.

Hero Generations Cover

Console: PC
Best thing: Defeating a scary boss that is plaguing your town!
Best Trait: Golden Child – such a nice bonus.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within Review

I’m still not quite ready to talk about my feelings regarding the latest Ace Attorney game so in order to postpone it, I’m going to review a film. Let’s review Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.


How is this related to Final Fantasy: It’s a film made by the same team that make the games, but it’s not related to any specific game
Worth a watch? I’d say worth one watch.
Best thing about it? The villain declaring “just hit them and hit them and hit them until they day”.

Mimmy Cat review

Last week I reviewed a game by Saar and these week I’m reviewing another app by him: Mimmy Cat which you can play online here.

Mimmy Cat logo

Galaxy Siege III Review

Hi guys, a little while back I reviewed an Indie Game called Galaxy Siege 2 made by a guy called Saar. Today I’m reviewing Galaxy Siege 3. You can play Galaxy Seige 3 here.

Galaxy Siege III

Galaxy Siege 3 plays in a fairly similar way to 2, but there have been a few really good improvements:

  • Better music – it really fits with the space theme of the game
  • Smoother, nicer animations – They were okay before but now they’re really nice
  • Nicer graphics in general
  • You have to play the game in small increments in order to upgrade your ship – if you play for too long, you run out of fuel and you can’t reach the next planet!

    Galaxy Siege III Fuel Warning

    So then you go to the shop (because you’ll have been collecting currency) and you can upgrade your ship!

    Buying atuff

    So I bought more fuel… and guns… to make…

    Galaxy Siege III making a ship

    This beast!

    And like any good game, you get to fight yucky boss monsters!

    Galaxy Siege III Boss

    Once you complete a level you get to upgrade your ship which is pretty sweet!

    Galaxy Siege III Upgrade

    Some of the bosses were a lot more sophisticated than in the last game – they can literally tear your ship apart! Defeating bosses also gets you trophies which is awesome!

    A cool new feature of this game is the lab! You can save engineers and they can help you make cool things!

    Galaxy Siege III Lab

    If you have some spare time, or just want to support an indie developer, give it a go!

    Skyshine’s Bedlam Review – Even if you cheat, it’s still a slaughterfest

    I was approached by a cool guy named Trice to write a review of a game he’s gone bonkers for – take it away! I love these kind of posts, so if you want to do one, feel free to get in touch!


    Skyshine’s Bedlam is a turn-based roguelike where players drive a ginormous APC across a post-apocalyptic desert riddled with mutants, robots, marauders and the occasional boss battle.

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    Undertale Review

    Hi all, I’m finally going to review Toby Fox‘s Undertale because I completed it a few days ago.


    Console: PC, you can get it on Steam.
    Type of game: Old Fashioned RPG with dating sim elements and a lot of clever references
    Favourite thing about this game: The character design and how the game could make you feel really bad for playing.

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    A bunch of random PC games I used to play

    Hey guys – I was originally going to write a review of Undertale today, but I’m really stuck on the final boss so… it can wait. Ha. Do play it for yourselves though.

    Anyway, I just remembered that when I was a kid, I used to play a bunch of random PC games, and I bet most of you didn’t know they existed so I’ll talk about them a bit. Let me know if you’ve played any of these.

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    Storm 8 Social Mobile Games Review

    Hi guys, this is a bit of a random one, but I’m going to review some games that are made by a company called Social 8, especially Pet Shop Story, Bakery Story and Farm Story.

    Pet Shop Story

    Console: Mobile and Tablet
    A social game? Yes, that’s right
    Aren’t those the horrible addicting games that prey on people to give money just to play? I’ll come onto that.

    Burnout Dominator Review

    Hi all, another review of a PSP game that came with my PSP. Today it is Burnout Dominator and how I feel about that.

    Burnour Dominator Cover

    Console: PSP
    Compared to other racing games: Really love it. The only racing game it can’t compare to is Mario Kart but that’s almost impossible to beat.
    Best thing about this game: Being able to smash other drivers into the wall.