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5 Cool mums in video games

What the heck, it’s Mother’s Day so let’s talk about cool mums in video games. They do exist! Feel free to comment and add your own suggestions!

12+ Cool looking monsters from video games

OK, remember I did a few posts a while ago on hot video game men and sexy video games ladies as well as my favourite androgynous characters?

Well, this is similar, but it covers quite different subject matter: video game monsters. I love a good monster design and games with lots of cool monsters make me happen.

Here goes – Comment to add your own!

In no particular order…

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8 Games that need remaking/ports/English Versions (or something)

Since I couldn’t think of a topic this wek I thought I’d just steal Rhys’ idea (kind of).

There are a lot of games from my teenage years that I would love to see on a modern console, and there are many games from before my time that I feel I missed out on. So here’s a list of games that need to be brought back. Maybe not changed (much) but certainly brought back to life.

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The evolution of gaming with my friends

I recently wrote a post about Tekken 5 and it got me thinking of fun gaming things I used to do with my friends and family and what kind of stuff we all do now.

Bomberman Sega Mega Drive Multiplayer

Back in the day!

For example, I have a friend who I used to play loads of Singstar (in case you don’t remember!) with – it was always so much fun, going around to her house, playing some Sing Star, watching a movie. But, that was high school, and now she’s a mum and plays a lot on with some of our other school friends. It’s never really been my kind of thing (I think she mostly goes for the chat rooms) but one day I might decide to join her.

But here’s a run-down of some of the stuff I used to play with my friends:

Sega Genesis Mega Drive

It was all about the Sega!

At my house

Anyone who came over – my friends, my cousins whoever – would play with me and my sister on the Mega Drive. The best games here were:

  • Bomberman! So much fun! I remember there was a level with traps in the floor and we’d drop bombs in them so they’d pop out where the other players were
  • Streets of Rage. This is actually the first thing I ever reviewed here. Fun, as long as your partner doesn’t decide to beat you up
  • Sonic 2! The multiplayer was essentially just a race across selected stages.
  • MarioKart 64 Screenshot

    My cousins had this beauty!

    At my cousin’s House

    I have 2 sets of cousins, but only one set had a Nintendo 64 that we all played. And these were the games:

  • MarioKart – I am still an expert at this game! Well, I like to think so.
  • Goldeneye – The only game from a film that was any good! I was always Boris
  • Pokémon Stadium – Heck yeah! I was so jealous that my cousins had Mewtwo and I’d not reached that far in Yellow yet!
  • Singstar 80s Screenshot

    Poison was more my song but…

    At my friend’s house

    This is the one who plays on Party Bingo these days. Like I said, we played a lot of Singstar. My song was “Poison” by Alice Cooper. The 80s version was the best! This was normally followed by watching a really crap horror movie we’d rented (remember DVD rentals!?).


    Ahhh back in the day

    With my Sister

    As a rule, anything I played with my cousins, I also played with my sister. But we also played Neopets together. There were loads of cute creatures to chose from, and some fun mini-games too.

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Screenshot

    Where would I be without my tactician

    With my Girlfriend

    To be honest, me and Jo don’t play a lot of multiplayer games. We play a lot of single player games, together, or she watches me play or vice versa. Examples:

  • Playing Final Fantasy VII together, naming the characters, deciding who would play what role.
  • Currently playing Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance together. I’m really hoping that one day we can play the new Fire Emblem X SMT Game together.
  • Actaully, we really like Atlus games, and tend to watch each other play them
  • Currently playing Shadow Hearts together. We’re trying to take screenshots for my Shadow Hearts Resource/Fan Site
  • photo by: bochalla

    12+ Video Game Men that a girl gamer thinks are hot

    OK, I might as well do a follow up to my highly succesful post full of pictures of sexy ladies but with guys. I dedicate this to Laura who said she’d prefer a post with hot guys.

    Now, since I’m not really very attracted to guys, this might be a bit hit and miss. In no particular order:

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    12+ Video Game Females a Girl Gamer thinks are Sexy

    OK, I dedicate this post to AJ and Jules who both have great conversational skills and twitter feeds.

    Basically, this post isn’t a review but pictures of pretty girls from games according to me

    Now, let’s get this started – I am open to suggestions. I’ll post any that you guys give.

    In no particular order:

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    Koudelka Review

    Sadly, this is going to be the final review in the Shadow Hearts series (unless they come back from the dead or until I get my hands on Chaos Wars, which was never released in Europe…). Anyway, please enjoy my Koudelka review.

    Koudelka Cover Art

    Koudelka Cover Art

    Console: PS1
    How is this related to Shadow Hearts? It’s the very start of the franchise – all the main characters in Koudelka somehow leave a legacy in Shadow Hearts.
    Main Differences? The battle system is very different, and it plays much more like a traditional survival horror game.

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    Shadow Hearts: From the New World Review

    If you like Shadow Hearts visit It’s nowhere near done yet, but hey. Anyway, it’s time for my 3rd Shadow Hearts review – it’s Shadow Hearts: From the New World review time.

    Shadow Hearts From the New World Cover Art

    Shadow Hearts: From the New World

    Console: PS2
    Where does it place? Last
    Does that mean it’s a bad game? Not really

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    Shadow Hearts: Covenant Review

    I’m not sure how many of you know, but I really like the Shadow Hearts series, so much so that I’m trying to make a Shadow Hearts Resource Centre that isn’t shit like the wiki is. I’m afraid that this is very time consuming and you’ll have to deal with my Shadow Hearts: Covenant review instead because that will take me less time.

    Shadow Hearts Covenant Cover Art

    Shadow Hearts: Covenant Cover Art

    Console: PS2
    Compared to the original: Better graphics, better voice acting, better battle system, more sillyness
    Best Character? Superman Joachim. Gay mexican wrestling vampires for the win.

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    Shadow Hearts Review

    I really hope you enjoy this Shadow Hearts review. It’s an awesome game with a really innovative playing method but suffers for being really dreadful at the same time. You’ll see what I mean.

    Console PS2
    What genre is this game exactly? Mix between survival horror and RPG. So, for wimps like me, it’s a good kind of survival horror game.
    Why do you say it’s great but also awful? It’s a great game to play, but the fact it’s an early PS2 game (it’s now over 10 years old) means that the graphics and the voice acting leave a lot to be desired.

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