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Sonic Advance 2 Review

I realised that I’d reviewed Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 3 but for some reason skipped Sonic Advance 2. Thanks Julian Kay for lending me all three.

Sonic Advance 2 Cover Art

Console: GBA
Best Game in series? I think the first Sonic Advance was the best, but this one was still good.
Best Character to play as? Ye Olde Sonic

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Sonic Pinball Party Review

Sonic Pinball Party is another pinball game lent to me by Sonic Enthusiast Julian Kay. Please enjoy this review!

Sonic Pinball Party Cover Art

Console: GBA
Compared to Pokémon Pinball: I preferred Pokémon more because it had a wider variety of challenges.
Favourite Stage: I really liked the NiGHTS stage.

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Sonic Battle Review

Thank you moon photographer Julian Kay for allowing me to do this Sonic Battle review.

Sonic Battle Cover Art

Console: GBA
So, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fighting Game? Pretty much
Good or bad? Not great

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Sonic Advance 3 Review

Thanks to moon photographer Julian Kay I was able to play Sonic Advance which I really enjoyed. Now onto a Sonic Advance 3 review.

Sonic Advance 3

Things that I hate in games

Hi guys, let’s go on a rant about things that I hate in games!

By all means, a game isn’t bad if it features it, but man it can make it a hell of a lot worse!

If anyone can think of anything else they hate and primary examples, go right ahead!

Rusty Bucket Bay Banjo Kazooie

I’m looking at you Underwater Levels!

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Sonic R Review

I honestly don’t know why I’ve not done a Sonic R review before now. I guess it didn’t occur to me that I’d completed it.

Sonic R PC Cover Art

Console: PC
R is for..? Racing! Although the back cover had a slew of things R could mean… but it meant racing.
Isn’t Sonic the “fastest thing alive”? You’d think he’d always win but… you know…

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The evolution of gaming with my friends

I recently wrote a post about Tekken 5 and it got me thinking of fun gaming things I used to do with my friends and family and what kind of stuff we all do now.

Bomberman Sega Mega Drive Multiplayer

Back in the day!

For example, I have a friend who I used to play loads of Singstar (in case you don’t remember!) with – it was always so much fun, going around to her house, playing some Sing Star, watching a movie. But, that was high school, and now she’s a mum and plays a lot on with some of our other school friends. It’s never really been my kind of thing (I think she mostly goes for the chat rooms) but one day I might decide to join her.

But here’s a run-down of some of the stuff I used to play with my friends:

Sega Genesis Mega Drive

It was all about the Sega!

At my house

Anyone who came over – my friends, my cousins whoever – would play with me and my sister on the Mega Drive. The best games here were:

  • Bomberman! So much fun! I remember there was a level with traps in the floor and we’d drop bombs in them so they’d pop out where the other players were
  • Streets of Rage. This is actually the first thing I ever reviewed here. Fun, as long as your partner doesn’t decide to beat you up
  • Sonic 2! The multiplayer was essentially just a race across selected stages.
  • MarioKart 64 Screenshot

    My cousins had this beauty!

    At my cousin’s House

    I have 2 sets of cousins, but only one set had a Nintendo 64 that we all played. And these were the games:

  • MarioKart – I am still an expert at this game! Well, I like to think so.
  • Goldeneye – The only game from a film that was any good! I was always Boris
  • Pokémon Stadium – Heck yeah! I was so jealous that my cousins had Mewtwo and I’d not reached that far in Yellow yet!
  • Singstar 80s Screenshot

    Poison was more my song but…

    At my friend’s house

    This is the one who plays on Party Bingo these days. Like I said, we played a lot of Singstar. My song was “Poison” by Alice Cooper. The 80s version was the best! This was normally followed by watching a really crap horror movie we’d rented (remember DVD rentals!?).


    Ahhh back in the day

    With my Sister

    As a rule, anything I played with my cousins, I also played with my sister. But we also played Neopets together. There were loads of cute creatures to chose from, and some fun mini-games too.

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Screenshot

    Where would I be without my tactician

    With my Girlfriend

    To be honest, me and Jo don’t play a lot of multiplayer games. We play a lot of single player games, together, or she watches me play or vice versa. Examples:

  • Playing Final Fantasy VII together, naming the characters, deciding who would play what role.
  • Currently playing Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance together. I’m really hoping that one day we can play the new Fire Emblem X SMT Game together.
  • Actaully, we really like Atlus games, and tend to watch each other play them
  • Currently playing Shadow Hearts together. We’re trying to take screenshots for my Shadow Hearts Resource/Fan Site
  • photo by: bochalla

    Sonic Advance Review

    Does anyone remember that I really didn’t like Sonic Rush? Well, thanks to a guy whose music is inspired by Sonic Rush I get to give a Sonic Advance review. Hooray!

    Sonic Advance Cover Art

    Sonic Advance

    Console: GBA
    Better or worse than Sonic Rush? Way Way better
    What about other Sonic games? Hard to say – I have a lot of nostalgia from Sonic 2, but I’d say this is on par with the single-player on that.

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    5 Cool Video Game Character Costumes

    Hi guys, here for your enjoyment is an guest post by the guys at Fancy Dress Ball who have some really ace video game character costumes – just get planning for Halloween (I want to dress as Rin from Final Fantasy X, but that’s after Halloween!) In fact you can read about my adventures as Rin here. Anyway!

    Halloween is on its way again and with it the chance to go all out with a fancy dress costume. For some people, thinking of a creative, original concept for a costume is child’s play, others need a little inspiration. If you are stuck for ideas on Halloween costumes or just fancy doing something different from the old sheet over the head, why not go to your next spooky soiree in a costume from one of your most beloved video games?!

    A lot of the time, when you are dressed as something a little obscure you have to explain it all night and by the end of it wish you hadn’t bothered, but as a classic video game character you will be instantly recognised and may also turn a few smiles. Here is a list of the five coolest characters for whatever ghostly gathering you have in mind:

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    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

    Hey, what’s this, a Sonic RPG – a game that’s not just about rolling around at mega speeds and jumping on enemies? Here’s my Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood review.

    Sonic Chronicles - The Dark Brotherhood

    Console: DS
    Any better than Sonic Rush? A lot better.
    So, ‘Sonic Chronicles’ – does that mean it’s a series? Not as of yet, there’s the potential for a sequel (the ending calls for one) and I wouldn’t object to one.

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