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My Favourite Androgynous Characters from Video Games

I really love characters that at first glance could be either a man or a woman. So I just thought I’d do a post on some of my favourites that I’ve seen in games over the years.

Are there any that you would like to add? Comment below!

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12+ Video Game Men that a girl gamer thinks are hot

OK, I might as well do a follow up to my highly succesful post full of pictures of sexy ladies but with guys. I dedicate this to Laura who said she’d prefer a post with hot guys.

Now, since I’m not really very attracted to guys, this might be a bit hit and miss. In no particular order:

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The World Ends With You Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to my The World Ends with You review. It’s one of my favourite games for the DS and my first encounter with Nomura’s belt fetish. The belts aren’t as dominant in these characters design as they are in some others, but my Nomura experience as still enjoyable.

TWEWY Review

Console: DS
Favourite Partner character: Beat, as he can become incredibly fast and powerful. Shame it’s hard to get him to dress in girls’ clothes though. Gotta love Josh’s arsey personality though.
Favourite Game Master: Minamimoto and all his Maths geekiness ♥

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