Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

I bought a PSP a few months ago and the first game I played on it was Dissidia: Final Fantasy which is a Final Fantasy based Fighting game. It’s Awesome.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Cover

Console: PSP
Final Fantasy Fighting Game? Yep, it was released for the 20 year anniversary of Final Fantasy
Best Character to play as? For me – Terra

The premise sounds really awful. All the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series band together to fight all of the Antagonists of the Final Fantasy series.

But for some reason, I really love this game. I’ve played over 100 hours on it. Which for me – that’s a lot, especially for a Fighting game.

Here’s the “plot” of this game

  • Chaos and Cosmos have been at it again
  • Each “Warrior of Cosmos” has to gather a crystal (done by completing story mode with that character)
  • The “Warriors of Chaos” have to prevent this from happening
  • ???
  • Beat up Chaos and his minions
  • But here’s why the game is so good

  • Play as one of 20 (+2 unlockable) Final Fantasy characters
  • Very different mechanics from any other fighting game I’ve played
  • Unlockable costumes, songs, stages, characters, weapons …
  • All characters can level to 100
  • All characters have a unique fighting style. It’s very hard to control every character the same way (like you could in oh… Street Fighter for example)
  • Oh, and I really love the art.

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Characters

    All so beautiful

    I mean, all these characters are drawn so beautifully. In fact, the voice acting in this game isn’t half bad either. Because:

    1) Warrior of Light is voiced by Beanie Guy

    Dissidia Warrior of Light

    Warrior of Light is very gorgeous and had the same voice actor as….

    Shinjiro Aragaki Persona 3

    Shinji from P3, who is also beautiful, in a different way

    2) Onion Knight is voiced by Joshua

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Onion Knight

    Onion Knight is a cutie

    Joshua TWEWY

    This kid is a brat

    You can really hear it in his “I knew I was going to win” soundbite.

    3) Cecil is voiced by… Yuri Lowenthal

    Cecil Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Cecil is so pretty.

    Yuri Lowenthal voices pretty much everyone, but Cecil’s voice sounds most like…

    Derek Stiles Trauma Centre under the Knife 2

    Dr. Cutie to the OR…

    4) Cloud of Darkness is voiced by Laura Bailey

    Cloud of Darkness Dissidia

    Heyyyy Sexy Layyyydayyyy

    Laura Bailey is (for me) the female Yuri Lowenthal. She voices typical “sexy lady” characters, and also Tohru from Fruits Basket. But Cloud of Darkness is most similar to…

    Rayne BloodRayne

    Hey, sexy lady.

    Rayne from BloodRayne of course.

    5) Kefka is voiced by Cielo

    Kefka Dissidia Final Fantasy

    I love you so much, never change

    Cielo Digital Devil Saga

    Cielo is just amazing

    These guys are both really over the top characters and I love them both.

    6) Sephiroth is voiced by… Nooj

    Sephiroth Dissidia Final Fantasy

    It’s fine when he’s kicking my ass until i remember…

    Nooj Final Fantasy X-2

    Oh God, shut Up Noojums, you are the worst

    I’m not saying the voice actor is bad – he’s actually really good (and handsome) but Nooj… I just… that guy… oh god. He was awful and when I hear Sephiroth I can’t help but think back to Nooj talking.

    So yes, the voice actors did delight me in the game.

    The Actual Gameplay

    Characters have 2 types of attacks that damage 2 different meters.

  • Bravery Attacks – These attacks cost nothing to use, they attack your oppenents “Bravery” meter while filling yours up. Reaching Bravery 0 (AKA “Break”) does not end the battle.
  • HP Attacks – Require Bravery to use, they damage your opponents HP. The amount of damage they do depends on the amount of Bravery you have. Therefore, if in “Break” – you cannot damage your oppenent. HP = 0 means the battle is over
  • It sounds confusing, but the more you play the more you get used to it. You characters can equip items to increase all the usual stats you’d expect to see in a Final Fantasy game.

    Something else quite different from a traditional fighting game is… the arena.

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Gameplay Arena

    Ultimecia kicking Squall’s ass

    It’s really hard to show with Screenshots, but it’s a 3D arena. You can run and jump in 3 dimensions. You can run away from your enemy to restore your bravery or HP (if you have regen, obviously) and you can dodge by jumping to a higher platform or dropping down, and such like. An early tactic (that works quite well when fighting characters under level 20) I used was to wait on a high platform, and wait for a character to come to you and smack them just as they reach the top. Worked really well if your character is really slow. That is, if you character was this guy:

    Exdeath Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Fucking, Exdeath.

    Exdeath is to me, the most difficult character to play as. He is phenomenally slow, and I am really inept at dodging and blocking (which is what he is best used for). And God, I know there’s no plot, but each characters is usually interesting in some way, but Exdeath represents THE VOID and doesn’t really ever have anything interesting to say. Cloud of Darkness suffers from the same lack of personality but hey, she’s a sexy lady so…

    I mentioned before that my favourite character to play as is Terra. She’s fast, and uses a wide range of attacks (some characters have painfully few). She’s not too powerful on the attack or defense side, but by the virtue of speed and range alone, that didn’t really matter.

    Terra Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Token female…

    My main issue with Terra is that she is the least interesting of the Cosmos guys. She has the misfortune of not only being the only female main character from the first 10 Final Fantasy games, but she’s… a wet blanket. She’s always scared, and worried and oh so frightened and it’s a bit crap really. Her Chaos counterpart (Kefka) is way more fun and interesting. Still, I love playing as Terra.

    If you have a PSP, do get this game. It’s really fun to play, and even if you aren’t a Final Fantasy enthusiast, the differing gameplay mechanics make it really interesting. Give it a go.

    Guys who have played -whose your favourite to play as?


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