F-Zero GP Legend

,A while ago I wrote a review of F-Zero Maximum Velocity and basically it came to “this game sucks”. Well let’s see if this F-Zero GP Legend review is any more positive… Cheers to early bird Julian Kay for letting me play this.

F Zero GP Legend Cover Art

Console: GBA
Better or worse than Maximum Velocity? Better
Good game? No

I’m going to let you guys into an embarrassing gamer secret. Until I played this game, I had no idea what this guy was from:

Captain Falcon F-Zero

Captain Falcon he’s from a fighting game, right?

I mean, he’s known for doing his whole “FALCON PUNCH!” thing, right?

Falcon Punch TV Gif


And I that he was in Smash Bros, but had never really thought what game he originally came from. Turns out it’s a racing game, not a game about punching people in the face.

So um… This game…

F Zero GP Legend Screenshot

Weird ass race track

There isn’t an awful lot different to the first game.


  • There’s some kind of plot ??? Didn’t know that a racing game needed one
  • More characters/cars/vehicles to choose from
  • Seems a little easier to play than Maximum Velocity
  • But seriously, it still is not fun enough for me to want to try and progress in it. The controls are clunky, the backgrounds are trippy (but not interesting) and the difficulty is still hard. To me, difficulty in a racing game should come from the track being difficult to navigate rather than the AI making perfect turns and perfect boosts all the time. You should want to learn how to clear a track. Remember the Yoshi level in Mario Kart 64? It had a TON of drops and places to go wrong, and you just practiced until you could complete 3 laps without falling off a cliff. Practicing to be able to turn perfectly is… boring… in a game. I can understand, yes in harder levels – the AI should be really tough to beat, but in easier ones, give me a bloody chance!

    Yeah uh. Still not a fan. Does anyone like this series? If so, why?

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