Favourite mini Games: Red Dead Redemption

Hi guys, today I’m going to talk about RDR because I really loved the mini games you could play in it. They really fitted the scene and were pretty fun too.




Few console games have the ability to not only attract millions of gamers to create an affinity towards the main character and storyline, but also be widely played across the world despite the release of titles containing the latest generation graphics and game physics. It is just over four years since Red Dead Redemption hit the retail shelves, but the game, produced by RockStar, continues to be played by many who enjoy being in Western America and experiencing the life story of John Marston in his fight for justice and revenge. The franchise’s popularity is further increased by the inclusion of downloadable content, such as an Undead Nightmare version in which players can face a horde of zombies on single player and online. Killing zombies continues to be a growing niche in the games industry, but Red Dead Redemption is a hugely successful game in its own right and provides endless hours of gameplay potential across America and Mexico set in 1911.

Mini games

Red Dead Blackjack

Game developers place considerable focus on the overall quality and dynamic structure of a storyline that not only fits within its genre, but also manages to be captivating and keep gamers engrossed. While a large percentage of games are solely based upon a linear or non-linear concept with a single objective, others feature mini games which are designed to further enhance the gameplay experience and offer an extra dimension. Red Dead Redemption includes a number of games, such as Liar’s Dice and Finger O’ Fillet, that can be played in each town across America and Mexico where gamers can take a break from fighting criminals, killing animals and riding around on a horse. The inclusion of casino games allows players to kick back and play at a saloon bar – >one of the games is called Pontoon, while the other is poker. It allows gamers to enjoy the true qualities of playing casino games for free away from their favourite land-based or online casino where they can win real money.


How gambling is used

Red Dead Gambling

The inclusion of gambling in Red Dead Redemption not only provides gamers with an extra activity to enjoy alongside the main storyline, but also offers historical accuracy. Games such as blackjack were commonplace across saloon bars in Western America, where they rose to prominence as a form of gambling and provided the foundations for casino games to come to the fore in the modern era. Playing poker, blackjack or any other of the mini games allows gamers to win more money for their bank balance which can be put towards better attire, guns and other amenities that are useful towards surviving in challenging terrains. Although gambling may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Red Dead Redemption includes playing blackjack and poker as part of main missions which require players to win a game against certain characters in order to progress. Its inclusion adds an extra dimension and extra spice to an intriguing storyline that not only carries historical relevance, but can also encourage gamers to become accustomed with the rules of blackjack and poker. Being successful in Red Dead Redemption gambling games may provide a taste for real action in a land-based or online casino (FYI: Mansion Casino is my fave, you should check it out) where, although there are no cowboys and sheriffs to watch out for, considerable amounts of real money can be won.

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