Fifa 10 Review

Hi guys, welcome to another review of a football game – Fifa 10 for PSP.

Fifa 10 psp cover

Console: PSP
Compared top other football games: I liked this one better
Are you any good?: … No

Hey guys, I recently reviewed World Tour Soccer and I really didn’t think much of it. Here is the TL;DR:

  • It relied on you understanding football to play well
  • The commentery was really crap
  • The controls were easy enough to pick up

For Fifa, which is the more well known series…

fifa 10 psp play

… The graphics feel like a similar quality, and the gameplay is very similar. I found it harder to do more than just “pass”, but I felt it was a lot easier to control the goalie and the direction you’re kicking in.

Obviously, it still relies on you knowing football to play WELL, but it does have a difficulty selector, including a difficulty for people who have never played Fifa before – which was ideal for me.

So, for the first time ever, I was able to score a goal/defend my goal!
Fifa 10 goal score

But I noticed the enemy (errr opposing) team being able to do stuff that I had no idea how to do – like call in substitutions. I don’t know if it does it automatically or what.

By the way, the up close graphics are horrible for what I presume is a 2010 game:

Fifa 10 PSP graphics

I know it’s a portable game, and sports games aren’t exactly renowned for their graphics but still…

My favourite thing about this game compared to the other game is the fact that the commentary was actually really engaging. There were two commentators and they said more than just who had possession. It was a very noticeable step up from the other game which made 4 minutes of gameplay incredibly boring.

Still, I’m not exactly keen to play some more football games.

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