Final Fantasy IV: Interlude Review

Here is a review of one of the most unnecessary games ever. It’s called Final Fantasy IV: Interlude and it takes place 1 year after the amazing Final Fantasy IV in preparation for the actual sequal – Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Cover

Console: PSP
How long is this game? About 3 hours
Why does it exist? To explain some things that will happen in After Years but you really don’t need them explaining.

Final Fantasy IV: Interlude is a quickie.

If you recall, this sad thing happens in Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV Damcyan

Well done Cecil

Interlude tells the story of Damcyan having finally been rebuilt and everyone from the first game gathering to go meet Edward to congratulate him.

Except for Rydia and Edge who are dealing with problems. Namely a girl who looks like Rydia that isn’t Rydia.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Mysterious Girl Rydia


And the Tower of Babil is glowing again.

Final Fantasy Tower of Babil

Bloody hell not this again

Anyway, the main issue with this game is it is incredibly linear and feels very pointless. You are ferried from place to place, controlling a different character set each time and discovering some kind of relevant plot detail. I’m really not sure why this game was made.

Significant plots details that happen.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Sheila Baby Ursula

Yang has a kid

1) Yang has a kid. Well if you go on to play After Years you will know this because you can play as her. I’m sure you can figure out that Sheila had to give birth for that to happen. However Yang is pretty squeamish and doesn’t want to see, but Rosa on the other hand can’t wait…

Final Fantasy IV After Years Ursula Yang

Ursula is pretty cool

Final Fantasy IV Interlude Mysterious Girl Rydia Shiva


2) There is a mysterious girl that looks like Rydia going around stealing Espers. This actually asks more questions than it explains. It would have been better if they’d just left that to the After Years. I mean she is the main villain…

Final Fantasy IV After Years Ceodore Baby

Well OK, obviously this happens

3) Rosa is pregnant. Once again, if you play the After Years you can presume this happens because you get to play as Ceodore. I don’t specifically need to know that not long after the ending of FFIV, Cecil and Rosa had sex. Thanks.

So basically my question is “why does this game exist”. It’s OK and worth spending a few hours playing but so uncessary.

Here have a nice picture of the cast.

Final Fantasy IV Interlude characters

Actually I don’t think Kain makes it into this game

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