Final Fantasy: Spirits Within Review

I’m still not quite ready to talk about my feelings regarding the latest Ace Attorney game so in order to postpone it, I’m going to review a film. Let’s review Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.


How is this related to Final Fantasy: It’s a film made by the same team that make the games, but it’s not related to any specific game
Worth a watch? I’d say worth one watch.
Best thing about it? The villain declaring “just hit them and hit them and hit them until they day”.

You may recall that I have reviewed a few Final Fantasy films before.

Final Fantasy: The Legend of the Crystal – a weird anime based in the universe of FFV

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – A film that occurs after FFVII

Spirits Within is quite different from most Final Fantasy stuff because it is set within our world, just very far in the future. However, there are some nice “Final Fantasy” tropes (rather than direct references)

  • Your main cast is definitely a “party” with a main character
  • Space. There are a lot of space scenes
  • The concept of the Earth as a living being
  • Going on a magical quest to find some magical maguffins
  • A guy named Cid
  • Very detailed ships and guns and technology
  • Bit of a bizarro plot
  • Decent voice acting
  • Cool monster designs
  • So, this is your protagonist:

    Final Fantasy Spirits Within Aki

    She is a scientist who is looking to save the world from the weird monsters that have come and are now killing everyone.

    Final Fantasy Spirits Within Phantoms

    Her way involves finding spirits and … effectively ridding the earth of them in a humane manner. Then there’s the baddie… he’s a General who just wants to stop these things by firing a massive laser at the earth. He is really generically evil for no real reason. And for some reason dresses really… fetish-y.

    Final Fantasy Spirits Within General

    Together with our party…

    Final Fantasy Spirits Within Cast

    And Dr Cid and our shitty love interest…

    Final Fantasy Spirits Within Cid and love interest

    We’re going to stop him from doing that, hopefully.

    Spirits Within is a really “okay” film. The CGI is really nice for the backgrounds and the effects on the monsters, but some of the character models are a bit “uncanny valley”. It doesn’t really bother me, but I think some people who be bothered.

    For the most part, the plot is fine, occasionally the writing is…bad. But, mostly fine. Some of the voice actors are really good and well known.
    It’s good for one watch, but to be honest I have no need to see it again.

    Has anyone seen it? What did you think? Share below.

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