Final Quest Review

Hi guys. I don’t normally review games that I haven’t completed, but I thought I’d do a Final Quest review since most of you might not have heard of it.

Final Quest Logo

Console: PC
What is this? A game I backed on Kickstarter
Kind of game?: RPG

Final Quest is a game I backed on Kickstater that was made by some guys in Leeds (RPGVideo). If you want it you can buy it for a fiver.

It’s made with RPG Maker, and I believe it’s the first game that these guys have made.

Final quest map

Here’s a typical map

It’s mediocre. There is a lot wrong with it and to be honest it shouldn’t have been released in the state it was in. For example:

  • The Proof-reading is dreadful. In fact, I don’t think there was any proof reading done. The script was barely readable because the sentence structure and grammar was just dreadful.
  • It was very buggy. I managed to make the plot loop back onto itself. That’s when I stopped playing.
  • Many maps just don’t make sense. Most traditional top-down RPGs, you can tell where you’re allowed to go and what will carry you onto the next screen. In Final Quest it looks like you can go onto the next screen quite a lot but… you can’t
  • The winning music carried on until after the winning screen… yeah…
  • I couldn’t find the party management system?
  • The logo is basically the logo from Final Fantasy V … just… not sure why they though that no one would notice?
  • Final Fantasy V Logo

    Hmmm, familiar

    To be honest, I expected to be playing a finished game but it seems I’ve ended up as a Beta tester.

    The plot seemed quite “generic fantasy” if you know what I mean. You’re sent on a quest because you are the Chosen one and the Queen is in trouble. Perhaps it gets better, I’m not very sure.

    The battle system was a nice little active turn battle system, the characters all learned some abilities at a different but decent rate. There seemed to be a lot of variety of characters which is nice.

    I think this game had a lot of potentially and hopefully it helped the guys making it learn a lot of things along the way.

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