Galaxy Siege III Review

Hi guys, a little while back I reviewed an Indie Game called Galaxy Siege 2 made by a guy called Saar. Today I’m reviewing Galaxy Siege 3. You can play Galaxy Seige 3 here.

Galaxy Siege III

Galaxy Siege 3 plays in a fairly similar way to 2, but there have been a few really good improvements:

  • Better music – it really fits with the space theme of the game
  • Smoother, nicer animations – They were okay before but now they’re really nice
  • Nicer graphics in general
  • You have to play the game in small increments in order to upgrade your ship – if you play for too long, you run out of fuel and you can’t reach the next planet!

    Galaxy Siege III Fuel Warning

    So then you go to the shop (because you’ll have been collecting currency) and you can upgrade your ship!

    Buying atuff

    So I bought more fuel… and guns… to make…

    Galaxy Siege III making a ship

    This beast!

    And like any good game, you get to fight yucky boss monsters!

    Galaxy Siege III Boss

    Once you complete a level you get to upgrade your ship which is pretty sweet!

    Galaxy Siege III Upgrade

    Some of the bosses were a lot more sophisticated than in the last game – they can literally tear your ship apart! Defeating bosses also gets you trophies which is awesome!

    A cool new feature of this game is the lab! You can save engineers and they can help you make cool things!

    Galaxy Siege III Lab

    If you have some spare time, or just want to support an indie developer, give it a go!

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