Hero Generations Review

Hi all, I cannot believe that I forgot to write my Hero Generations review! It’s an awesome game, please check out Hero Generations by Heart Shaped games!.

Hero Generations Cover

Console: PC
Best thing: Defeating a scary boss that is plaguing your town!
Best Trait: Golden Child – such a nice bonus.

If you recall, a while back I reviewed a game called Highgrounds. I said during that review

Hero Generations is a really cute looking game where each step you take is a year of year life – but after you die, you continue as your descendant. I thought the artstyle was really nice and the concept was great, so I backed it.

It is exactly that:

Hero Generations mechanic

Hero Generations is a game in which you explore a world, fight monsters, find fame and fall in love. It’s really cool and really sweet.

I think one of the things that attracted me towards it was the art style:

Hero Generations personality traits

It reminded me a little of Final Fantasy III for DS, which has a really cute art style and loads of cute character outfits.

In hero generations, gameplay is really simple. In fact, it reminded me of the gameplay of Advance Wars, when you’re playing in Fog of War.

Advance Wars Fog of War

In Fog of War, you can’t see your enemies on the map unless you’re near them. In Hero Generations, you see more of the map as you explore, it’s nice to not know what’s coming, especially when you have a sense of urgency that your character might not yet have an heir.

Hero Generations Map

I’ve said “this game reminds me of…” a few times, but really, Hero Generations is not like other games I’ve played. Your characters’ story is one you make by yourself. I found it really fun playing with Jo because we named all the characters after her characters, and we gave them each a goal or a story to head towards.

Hero Generations is fairly unique in that you don’t naturally ‘level up’ or get stronger like in most games, you have to make it your goal to get stronger, or richer, or more famous. Your character is born with a random skillset, and if you manage to mate with someone (oh yeahhh) your child will continue your adventure after you have settle down. Your child will then inherit some of your looks, your skills and your weapons.

Hero Generations Mating

I think that one of my few complaints about Hero Generations is that once you have a child, that’s it, you stop playing as that character and you retire from being a hero, and 16 years later, your child starts their journey. I would have liked to have determined my character’s retirement, and maybe even controlled two or more characters at once if the parent was still able, and the child was old enough. However, I understand that perhaps that kind of gameplay would have been difficult or confusing for some people.

My only other complaint, is probably less of a complaint and more of an “I suck at this game”. I felt there were some tasks in the game that you needed a LOT of fame or a LOT of attack power to be able to tackle. I understand you’re supposed to plan for these things, but I think I just wasn’t good enough!

On the whole, I do really like this game. It’s a game that is brief enough in its gameplay style to sit down and play for half an hour, but interesting enough to play for four hours. I’ve done both.

Do have a look – you can buy it on Steam here.

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  1. Hey there Emma, I saw someone playing this game and it seemed very enjoyable. I decided to check out some reviews and here I am :) I really liked it and I think I am goign for it. Thanks for the review.


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