Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Review

Hi guys, guest post here from another gaming enthusiast from Video Gamized! It’s a review of a game I’ve never played – and after reading, I’m quite interested!

Hello everyone and I am Aryan, the owner of Video Games Redefined blog here: http://www.videogamized.blogspot.in/ and I welcome you to my review of Hitman Silent Assassin which I am posting as a guest post on Gaming Memoirs.

Hitman 2 Cover


Hitman Silent Assassin is a stealth game released in 2002 by IO Interactive where you play as Agent 47, a bald contract killer.


The story is pretty bad. You play as Agent 47, a contract killer. You have resided in a monastery to compensate for the sins done by you. But the priest of the church gets kidnapped and you have a ransom to pay. You have no option but to resume contract killing. The story starts out good but then develops into a rather bad one. After you have got the money for the ransom, you still stick to contract killing for some reason. The ending is pretty good however.

Hitman 2 Screenshot

The presentation is one of the best I have ever seen. Before each level, you receive an audio message which gives you all the information about what you have to do in the level. Aside from that, you receive some photos and videos from hidden cameras to help you identify the target, making you feel like a real contract killer. There is also a real-time map in the game which gives the exact location and the pattern of anyone on the level.


The graphics are good but are led down by some glitches. You travel across various countries in the game and each country has its unique feel because of the graphics. The head of Agent 47 is made up of a good number of polygons and it is the smoothest thing you will see in the game. There are some pretty good textures which makes people look a bit realistic. The animations are one of the best I have ever seen with different animations for different type of kills.

Hitman 2 Combat


However, there are some graphical glitches in the game. For example, if you want to, you can sedate someone standing on the other side of the door using a half open door. And sometimes when you try to sedate someone, your hands are somewhere else but both you and the target is showing the same animation as if your hands were on his mouth. Thankfully, there is no game breaking glitch in the game.


The game was also one of the earliest to use Rag Doll Physics. If you don’t know, Rag Doll Physics calculate the power of the bullet and the position of the landing to determine the exact landing of the dead man. This is pretty cool opposed to the repetitive dead animations of the other shooting games. It’s a type of thing you can get easily addicted to.


The music is probably the best I have ever heard. When you load up the game, there will be a great music running in your ears. It is so good that you can just sit while listening to the music for continuous hours. It is composed by Jesper Kyd and he have done a really great job here.


The sound is good too. Every gun has a different sound and various different sounds in the environment make the game feel realistic too. But all those efforts are led down by sub-par voice acting. There are a lot of repetitive voices in the game. But the most annoying voice is of Diana, the boss of Agent 47 who gives the briefing of the mission.


As I have told before, Hitman Silent Assassin is a stealth game where your main objective is to complete your task while avoiding the enemies. Although you can just shoot your way out, there is no fun in that and the game rewards you for going the stealthy way with new weapons a rating at the end of every mission. You can get a rating of a “Silent Assassin” to a rating of a “Mass Murderer”.

Hitman 2 Stealth


There is a feature of the game which makes it distinct from all the other stealth games. Unlike other stealth game, where you sneak in like a ninja, this game has a unique feature called disguises. When you kill or sedate an enemy, you can take his clothes which you can use to fool the other enemies who will think that it’s their colleague. Before you say that it will make the game too easy, I must tell you that even after getting a disguise, you must maintain a specific distance from the enemy or you will be caught.

Hitman 2 Guns

There are also a wide variety of weapons included in this game like the Silverballers and the AK and the different types of Sniper Rifle. There is also a huge variety in completing the missions. There are usually 4-5 ways to complete each of the 3-4 objectives.

The play time is also good. You can play this game to about 15 hours on your first playthrough and even more if you try to complete all missions with the Silent Assassin rating or you want to take an alternate way to complete the missions.


All in all, Hitman Silent Assassin is a great yet underrated game that you must play.



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