I just remembered that Silent Hill has a movie

OK so I just remembered that Silent Hill has a movie and I have in fact seen it.

Silent Hill movie poster

I guess this post is me trying to remember it.

So, I bought the DVD for the Silent Hill movie based on a few factors back in 2007:

  • I had a few friends that liked the game series
  • One of my school friends really liked the film
  • I was interested
  • I had read some of the LPs of the Silent Hill games
  • It had Sean Bean in it
  • I was £3 from a video store that was going out of business
  • Sean Bean Silent Hill

    That really looks like a remote he’s talking into

    Anyway, so I’ve actually now played Silent Hill I can actually pretty decently compare them. Here is the basic plot.

  • Man goes on holiday to Silent Hill with his daughter
  • Man loses his daughter and has to look for her
  • Encounters a town with very dark secrets and lots of monsters
  • The basic plot of the film is fairly similar except for Harry (our protagonist) is played by Sean Bean, given a different name, and he stays at home on the phone to his wife who if looking for their daughter.

    Silent Hill Movie Mother

    OK here’s mother

    They change the names of some of the characters but some of the characters remain fairly similar.

    Silent Hill Dahlia Movie

    Oh it’s the crazy lady from the church

    Silent Hill Movie Cybil

    Oh it’s the only sane character

    And then there are some very familiar characters that appear for no reason other than “they were in one of the games”.

    Pyramid Head Silent Hill

    OH, hello.

    Pyramid Head is like the Sephiroth of the Silent Hill world – he is a major villain in Silent Hill 2. And everyone loves him so they thought “let’s put a very specific representation of James (the protagonist from Silent Hill 2)’s personality into this film – the audience will love it”. Kind of like just casually shoving Sephiroth into Advent Children.

    There’s a famous scene in Silent Hill where Pyramid Head rips a woman’s skin off. Here you go if you want to watch it:

    It’s a great horror moment and I do think this film had some quite good horror moments and certainly a lot of good monsters to look at.

    Silent Hill Nurse Movie

    The classic – the nurse

    Silent Hill Movie Bugs Creepers

    Loadsa bugs

    Silent Hill Movie Colin Janitor Monster

    Creepy dude with barbed wire for eyes

    Armless Man Silent Hill Movie

    Dude with no arms because why not

    Now here’s the thing – although Silent Hill had a lot of good monsters and gory bits in this movie… I don’t really remember them. I only remember a few things:

  • It was mostly boring
  • The plot wasn’t well explained
  • Stuff just happened for no reason
  • There is a bit where they try to burn people/a person alive
  • That’s it – this film really didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, I can’t say I recommend it. Here is the scene I remember:

    If you’re interested in Silent Hill, sure watch it for the references and stuff. However I would recommend watching some of LPs of various Silent Hill games where the user talks about the Silent Hill movie in comparison to the games.

    A bit about Dahlia and the mistakes Silent Hill movie made when trying to transform the story

    The LP of Silent Hill: Homecoming which is heavily inspired by the movie – especially interesting is the end of video #5

    So, to be honest, this film wasn’t great. And they made a sequel based on Silent Hill 3 called Silent Hill: Revelation. I kind of want to see it, but it’s supposed to be even worse.

    Have you seen either of these films? What do you think?

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