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Hi guys – guest review by Mike here! Enjoy!

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Well guess what everyone, the Helghast are at it again but this time it is in stunning crystal clear HD. Yes Killzone is finally back and on the PS4 no less. I could not wait to get this game on Day 1 of the PS4 launch since I have been salivating over putting down the Helghast forces since the reveal trailer first was released. So put down your controller for a few minutes and wipe the cheeto’s dust off your fingertips because here comes the review of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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Right away from the main menu you can notice the HD clarity of this game even if you have a TV that isn’t as next-gen as the PS4. The movements flow so fluidly it could have easily been mistaken for a home video of the Helghast war. As you can tell from my above comments I may be in love with the PS4 and how clear and high definition it actually is. But now lets get down to the bass tax. Killzone: Shadow Fall’s game-play is almost identical to that of Killzone 3 with only a few minor adjustments that I found improved the overall feel of the game. You no longer feel like you’re lugging around an old refrigerator on your back as the movement is lighter and a lot more fluid than the past 3 games. I don’t want to ruin the story for any of you out there, but I’ll just say that the Wall between the Helghast and the Vektan remains strong and the story centralizes around intelligence that moves back and forth pretty frequently. I know I for one was hoping that the wall would finally collapse and total chaos would rule the land towards the end, but unfortunately it stands as strong as it does at the beginning of the game. Each mission is pretty linear and leads you closer and closer to the end that you never want to reach. I found myself wanted more from some missions just to continue the beat down of the endless Helghast forces that surrounded me. As far as the multiplayer goes, it has definitely improved since the last one with crazy innovations when it comes to load outs (Think COD on steroids). The maps are large enough to stay fresh for a long period of tie, but not large enough that I found myself getting lost. There is definitely a learning curve to figuring out the best strategy for you, but this time of exploration is when I had the most fun roaming around these vast worlds. Overall Killzone came through for Sony as the first big launch title for PS4. Even though it is not perfect, I think it is the best Killzone to date with 3 coming in 2nd and the original in 1st. Even though it may cost you $450 to buy it (Game +console) the hours of enjoyment will be worth it and seeing that emotionless look of the Helghas as you land a head shot is priceless. Overall Score: 8.7 out of 10

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About the Author: Mike Gaughran has been an avid gamer since he could use a controller and if he isn’t sleeping he is either online or at his marketing consulting job at This is his first ever review fo cut him some slack haha

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