Last Window: The Secret of Cape West Review

Guys, guys, this review makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I’m going to review a game I really love, and sad because the parent company went bust (although happy because this game got a UK release but not an American one haha). Enjoy my Last Window: The Secret of Cape West review.

Last Window Secret of Cape West Box Art

Last Window Box Art

Console: DS
A sequel to Hotel Dusk!? Yes, it was not made public very well after Cing went bust, I didn’t even know this game existed until I saw Kyle’s beautiful face in CEX
Good, bad, ugly? Good and definitely not ugly.

So, do you remember that I reviewed Hotel Dusk and I raved about it because it was the reason I wanted to buy a DS and I developed a really bad liking of the main character? This game didn’t help much.

Last Window Kyle Hyde getting dressed

Can you say 'fan service'?

Oh and there was more of this too:

Kyle Hyde Smile

Kyle has a dorky smile

Kyle didn’t do a big dorky smile a lot in the first game. Usually when he did it was because he had eaten food or decorated a Christmas tree (true facts). But in this game, it takes place in his apartment block, and he smiles a lot more and we get to see him getting dressed in the morning. Although there are no scenes of him sitting on his sofa in his underpants with a beer. Oh well.

Anyway, my like of the main character aside.

This game plays the exact same way the first one did. It’s still very dialogue heavy and occasionally throws puzzles at you. However, Last Window seemed to have a lot more (as well as more challenging) puzzles than Hotel Dusk did. This is a good thing. The puzzles in these games are a good variety and some of them have more than one solution, which is a very cool way to go about it.


Kyle is locked in a room and no one knows he’s there. He could:

– break the door down with a chair/table leg or he could rip a steel pipe from the bathroom and do the same.


The door handle has fallen off and Kyle can’t get out of a room (again) he could:

– Pick the door handle up and put it back on the door, thus opening the door
– Flick the lights on and off until someone outside notices and comes to open the door (I did this one, because I didn’t notice where the handle had gone, haha, so much for logical thinking)

So, it’s cool that you can have mutli routes to an end.

The story itself is just as engaging as the first game, perhaps moreso because it directly relates to the protagonist and the death of his father (oohhh you just wait until the end of the game where you find out why it’s called ‘Last Window’ – it’s very sad! I’m warning you!).

The cast includes some right characters:

Last Window Betty



Betty is Kyle’s ‘pretty lady’ neighbour. Generally not a bad woman, with such pretty hair (I want pretty hair).






Last Window Tony



Does anyone remember ‘Louis’ from the first game (here’s a comic if you’ve forgotten who he is). Well Tony is basically Louis, but in a different body. They’ve got the exact same personality – Cing were too lazy to bother to make a different character here.






Last Window Sydney



Sydney is the guy that does all of Kyle’s cooking for him, because Kyle is a lazy bugger. How can he afford to eat out all the time on a salesman’s salary? And a BAD salesman, at that.








Last Window Rex




Rex is a greasy greasy greaseball and an asshole at that. Yeah. He wears sunglasses indoors and stuff.








Last Window Marie



Marie is a silly bitch that needs a slap. Mind you, she already has a face like a slapped arse so…  If you remember Iris from the first game, it’s just that character re-used.








Last Window Margaret



Maggie is our landlady and boy is she a mysterious old broad if I ever saw one.








Last Window Frank



Frank is a grumpy old bastard who is far too nosy for his own good (think: Kyle when he’s older) but somehow ends up being really likable.







Last Window Dylan



Dylan is a suspicious looking fat guy who reminds me of Kenneth from 30 Rock (he comes across as very nice and innocent and I read him with the same accent) crossed with Forest Kaysen from Deadly Premonition (suspicious, fat…).






Last Window Claire



Claire is Sydney’s daughter and an all around nice ‘girl next door’ type girl. Or something.







Last Window Charles



Charles is an 18 year old French boy who Kyle plays detective with in the laundry room (not even lying here). He is my favourite because he’s so cute. He’d be friends with Bebe from P3 because they are both weird French boys.






Last Window Will White and Kyle Hyde

Kyle and Will


Finally, Will White. You are introduced to this character waaaay later than all the rest of them. Supposedly he has the same job as Kyle, but he’s a jerk and very suspect. Yeah.






A very cool aspect of this game is that once you completed a chapter, you could ‘read’ the chapter in a sort of e-Book addition. And the author’s name? Martin Summer: the writer from the first name.

Nice job Cing. Please come back from the dead and back more games like this.


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