Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Review

Hi all, I’d like to thank Superstar Julian Kay for lending me loads of really good GBA games. This was one my my favourites: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Cover Art

Console: GBA
Genre: RPG mixed with puzzle game
Best character to play as Both Brothers are pretty similar

Mario and Luigi is a series of Super Mario themed RPGs. I think the play style is similar to the likes of Sonic Chronicles, a Sonic based RPG.

Brief Rundown

  • Encounters are not random
  • “Grinding” is not really required
  • The move sets/equips aren’t too customisable
  • You only have a party of 2
  • How much damage you take and receive is determined by how well you play
  • This is not a “hardcore” RPG like Shin Megami Tensei III, which is fine. It’s a really good introduction to the RPG genre. It is quite clear what you have to do, although some puzzles are difficult and indeed some battles are difficult.


    So, most Mario games go something like this:

    Bowser capturing Peach


    And of course Mario goes chasing after her.

    But in this game, Peach doesn’t get captured, she erm… starts swearing explosively.

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Peach Swearing


    And it’s all thanks to this bitch:

    Cackletta Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

    Meet Cackletta

    Cackletta is an evil witch who wants to steal Princess Peach’s voice (among other things) so that she can uh… rule the world I guess?

    the most surprising thing is, this game doesn’t really take place in Mushroom Kingdom, it takes place in Beanbean Kingdom where the residents are well, beans.

    Beanbean kingdom queen bean prince peasley

    May I introduce Queen Bean and Prince Peasley

    The Mario Bros have discovered that a royal artifact from Breanbean Kingdom has also been stolen and go off to rescue it!


    I mentioned earlier that how much damage you give and take is up to the player?

    Well, I mean it. You can play the entire game by hitting enemies critically every time and by not getting hit once. It’s difficult, but doable with enough skill.

    The whole fighting style is done with timing your attacks and defense. You seriously have to pay attention or you will suffer in the later stages.

    Mario Luigi Superstar Saga Cackletta Gif

    Team attack!

    There are not very many different attack types but they are difficult enough to master!

  • Jump
  • Hammer
  • Fire/Electric
  • Combo Attacks
  • Of course these are references to the other Mario games.

    The other things that’s difficult – every enemy has a different attack style. Each enemy has a “tell” that shows you two things: who they are attacking and what attack they are using. With a quick reaction time and a good memory you can indeed do the entire game without getting hit – or even counter-attack every move.

    For the final boss you will NEED to learn every single tell to be able to survive. You can’t do it with just luck. Want to know why? You start the 2nd half of the battle with 1HP and unless you get VERY lucky, the boss has the first turn.

    Mario Luigi Superstar Saga Cackletta Final Boss

    See that health – that’s 1HP

    But what can I say, I like the challenge. To some extents it reminded me of the bosses in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (except in that you have a movement range and a wide range of weapons and it’s in real time…)

    The other aspect of the game is puzzles. The puzzles reminded me of the kinds of puzzle you’d see in Golden Sun. Not too hard, but a nice balance and allows you to use a lot of different gimmicks.

    Other things I liked

    The theme of the game is pretty silly, but the colourful world suited it very well. The sprites and sounds were great. There are a few other great things including:

    Luigi in a dress

    Luigi in a dress

    Luigi pretending to be Princess Peach. I would like to let everyone know that this exact scenario happens in the Super Mario Adventures Comic which is a great comic. Read it.

    Bowser and Bowletta


    At a certain stage in the game, Cackletta possesses Bowser turning into Bowletta. Yes, that’s right, a female-ish version of Bowser. I love gender-bending.



    The Koopalings are in this game! They originated in one of the quite early Mario games and I think they are adorable. I was excited to see them. They appear as bosses in the final dungeon and each requires a mini game to be played before you can battle them.

    One thing.

    Mario Luigi Superstar Saga Lugwig Von Koopa

    This guy

    Fuck Ludwig’s mini-game. It is sheer luck that I managed to do it. Also, some of these battles are timed, so fuck that as well.

    All in all, I really liked this game and look forward to playing some more in the series.


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