Mario Vs Donkey Kong Review

Hello everyone, time for another game lent to me by software developer, not an actor (as far as I’m aware) Julian Kay. Please enjoy my Mario Vs Donkey Kong review.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Cover

Console: GBA
Is this a platformer? In a sense. You jump on platforms, but that’s not the primary genre.
What kind of game is this? Puzzle Game

Mario Vs Donkey Kong is a Mario-universe with a pretty funny premise. Donkey Kong is watching TV and sees a million ads for Mini Mario Dolls, and decides he wants one, but they’re all sold out. So what is his solution? Go and rob them from the factory. But Mario can’t have this, so chases after him.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Intro


The game itself is a pretty fun, puzzle game. Each level you have to gather keys to unlock doors and ultimately rescue the mini-Marios that DK keeps dropping behind him.

Mario VS donkey Kong Gameplay

I see switches…

The main aspect of the game is learning to control switches and blocks – pressing a switch will remove all blocks of that colour, but will activate all other blocks. This leads you to unblocking and creating paths and platforms that can be used to get keys and Mini-Marios.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Moves


As well as controlling blocks, you had to learn a lot of different moves for maneuvering around each level – backflipping, double jumping, all that stuff. It’s pretty funny because I’m sure that they reused a lot of Mario’s Sound Effects from Super Mario 64, but it works so why not.

It was pretty fun messing around with his moves and figuring out how to get to keys and stuff, but… one thing wasn’t much fun at all.

Mario VS donkey Kong Handstand

Handstanding to avoid bricks, naturally.

You see the top right? Yeah, these levels all come with a time limit. Not a pansy Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog time limit where it’s pretty hard to run out of time, but a real time limit, that if you screw one thing up or take a little longer to figure something up, you will run out of time. Some of the even quite early levels can screw you over if you miss a jump because of the time limit.

In the end – a pretty fun game, some nice puzzles, good way to get you thinking! But really, the time limit was not needed…

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