Mimmy Cat review

Last week I reviewed a game by Saar and these week I’m reviewing another app by him: Mimmy Cat which you can play online here.

Mimmy Cat logo

Mimmy Cat is a game where you play as a cute cat and your goal is to eat mice. The art style is really cute and so is the music.

Mimmy Cat Instructions

It’s somewhat in the same vein as “Angry Birds”, in that you have a limited amount of moves to move the cat and eat all the mice. You control the cat in a kind of “slingshot” manner, so it’s a bit of a physics puzzle.

Mimmy can “double jump” by dragging the cat through the air while it is already in the air. I found this a little difficult to control on the computer with a trackpad, but I think if you played the app version it’d be easier because you’re using two fingers.

Oh, and Mimmy is not safe from things like spinning blades, they can definitely go “splat” :( Sorry cat.

Mimmy Cat Level

A few improvements I would like to see from the next Mimmy if possible would be: more music. I think there is only one song, I’d like to hear a few more, as it’s a pretty cute song. Sometimes you can see Mimmy behave like a square block and you can see her corners hit on things, if Mimmy could behave more like a circle, that would make for better gameplay.

I would say – give this a try if you have an Android Phone, it’s a pretty fun game, see how far you can get!

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