Mini-Games and Me

Hi all, it’s been a while, I know. Today I’m going to do one of those rare ‘not a review’ type posts.

I’m going to post about these things: mini-games. Love ’em, or hate ’em?

Fishing MiniGame Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

This is one of the better mini-games

Mini Games in New Super Mario Bros

Poker Luigi New Super Mario Bros

This game was addicting

I mentioned in my review of New Super Mario Bros that the Mini Games were really fun and very addicting.

The best ones were:

  • Poker with Luigi. This and reading online poker tips are basically the only reason I know anything about Poker. However, I still wouldn’t trust myself to play the real thing with real money!
  • Whatever the one where you drew lines to create trampolines were
  • There was a great multi-player game that involved dropping Bombs, so much strategy involved, yet very fun.

    Mini Games in Pokémon

    Pokeathlon Change Relay Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver


    Mini-Games in Pokémon started off as being slot machines, and you could win coins and use these coins to buy Pokémon (very unethical). But then Nintendo didn’t really like promoting gambling to kids (with good reason as Katie shows us in this comic) and changed the games to horrible things like Voltorb Flip. And then they did away with coins altogether and did even worse things such as … contests. And musicals. What the hell! Basic ally, you dress your Pokémon up and parade them like idiots.

    However, of the ‘new’ mini-games, I found the Pokéathlon very addicting because it made good use of the DS touch screen and there were loads of events and achievements you could get. I quite often got stuck going from Goldenrod to Ecruteak because the Pokéathlon is on the way…

    I maintain that Pokémon Stadium had the best mini-games (eating sushi, racing rats…yeah)

    Mini-Games in Final Fantasy

    Sphere Break Final Fantasy X-2

    I played it, and hated it

    I don’t mean to be rude, but the mini-games in Final Fantasy are nearly always horrible. I could never understand Triple Triad (although Michael Auty says he could play it for hours – good for him) from Final Fantasy VIII and then Final Fantasy X-2 had the horrible Sphere Break, which I did understand, but it just wasn’t fun. I was created by this guy:

    Rin Final Fantasy X

    I really like Rin for some reason

    and if you won the tournament, you got these costumes:

    Lady Luck Dresspheres Final Fantasy X-2

    Hell yeah

    so I played it. And I made myself good at it.

    I recall that there were quite a few mini-games in VII, but I never played any of the non-mandatory ones. I’ll admit, Chocobo racing was pretty fun.

    Mini-Games in Professor Layton

    Tea Mini Game Prof Layton

    The tea mini game was awesome

    Layton has quite a few mini-games, some are really fun and some are frustrating beyond belief. I found assembling the camera in the first game quite difficult but do-able, and the furniture collecting was um, weird.

    In the 2nd game they introduced my 2 favourite mini-games, the tea game and the hamster game – well done!

    The 3rd game had 2 horrible mini-games, the parrot game (so frustrating for what is a physics puzzle) and the car game (quite similar to the hamster game, but it wasn’t as cute).

    So, I’m a bit 50/50 when it comes to these.

    Mini-Games in Games I haven’t played

    Fishing MiniGame Deadly Premonition

    York caught an um, something

    I haven’t played either Deadly Premonition or Red Dead Redemption, but considering how much I really love fishing and poker mini-games, I think they’d be right on track. If you’re really stuck, there’s a guide to beating the poker sections in RDR.

    Both are games that I actually quite want to play because hey, riding around on horses, watching sunsets, beating up zombies with a guitar and a protagonist who talks to himself, what more could I want?

    Before I forget

    I maintain that Phantom Hourglass has the best mini-games. It has fishing and trawling through the ocean and collecting stuff. Yeah.

    What games do you think have the best mini-game? Do you hate it when there’s a mandatory mini-game that you need to complete to progress? Tell me!

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