Monochroma Review

Hello dear readers and welcome to a review of a game I’ve been really looking forward to. It’s one of the first games I backed on Kickstarter and it’s called Monochroma.

Monochroma logo

Console: PC
What kind of game is this? A platformer/puzzle game with a really great mood and setting
Difficult? At parts. Requires a lot of logical thinking and good timing.

Monochroma is a game that originated on Kickstarter. It’s made by Turkish studio Nowhere Studios and I believe it’s their first full length game. You can check it out here.

One of the reasons I backed Monochroma is because the art style is really gorgeous and the game looked so moody with its monochrome + red colourscheme. And I am a total sucker for anything dystopian.

Monochroma Streets screenshot

The rain and the shadows

The plot is simple – you are out playing with your brother (who I affectionatly named “dumpling”), and he injures himself so you must carry him to safety. Along the way, you discover that the government is doing something very very morallyu wrong and you feel the need to investigate further.

Monochrome carrying little brother

Carrying dumpling around

The game mechanics make this more than just your usual platformer – since you’re carrying your brother around you can’t jump or climb very high. If you need to jump you must set him down – but you can only set him in a pool of light. He is very vulernable when he is by himself so you must keep an eye on him as well as yourself.

The environments and the puzzles in this game are really fun to play with. Not every puzzle has an obvious solution and you will probably fail a lot. Some puzzles you only have limited time on. There is no fighting, but there are a few chase sequences which due to how I feel about chase sequences but me on edge.

Monochroma Chase Sequence

That man is not a nice man

Monochroma totally lived up to my expectations – the backgrounds were great, the atmosphere was moody, and the plot was heartwrenching at times (particularly the ending). The puzzles really got me thinking – even when I wasn’t playing the game I was thinking about how to get out of a room.

There are a few things that need work – some dying animations don’t really make sense due to the position of your character and the environment. You can die in a lot of creative ways – falling, drowning, getting squished, fire and all those other nice things. I imagine there will be some updates that fix some things like this – they already fixed some of the more obvious bugs. Thankfully, the only bugs I encountered were aesthetic and not game breaking (Like when I got to the final boss of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and couldn’t continue to the boss room due to some missing steps).

I think this game is worth playing if you’re into puzzle games or platformers – or if you’ve got a PC and want to try something new. The feel of the game is very dystopian, almost steampunk (there’s hot air balloons and airships) which is different to most games I’ve played. If you do play please let me know your thoughts!


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  2. d_gamer says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. I went and checked it out after seeing your review and how well it’s doing on steam. I really like the concept, story, and difficulty of the puzzles (like you mentioned).

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