My thoughts on remakes of classic games

Hi guys, this is a post that’s been a long time coming.

So, they announced they’re remaking Final Fantasy VII and they hinted they might remake Final Fantasy XII but I think that’s not actually a thing.

Anyway, I’m just going to talk about remakes and my feelings about them.

There are 3 kinds of remakes:

  1. Ports – The exact same as the original game, but made compatible with a new console. For example Final Fantasy VI on PS1 is a port.
  2. Re-imaginings – A game with the same name/base story as the original but it’s nothing like it. For example Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of Silent Hill
  3. HD remakes/graphics upgrades that are the same as the original game but they looks more in line with today’s games. I’ve played Final Fantasy I-IV in this manner.

I think the FFVII remake will be something of an “HD Remake” with the potential for a “Re-imagining” (because a lot of the mechanics are really outdated). But time will tell.

I have mixed feelings about re-makes.

I hate remakes

Shut Up Sit Your Ass Down in that chair and drink your goddamn tea FFVII

I think that if a game is a good game, why bother? If people don’t want to play something because of the old style graphics, that’s too bad. One of my favourite games is Pokémon Yellow. It’s really charming, and if I’m honest, I don’t want to play FireRed/LeafGreen because it just wouldn’t be the same.

Recently, I played Undertale, a 2015 game with C64 style graphics. It’s an amazing game with a great story and is really fun and varied to play.

HD Remakes in particular seem like a “cheap” way to make more money.

Big whoop, Tidus looks a bit more crisp - who cares?

Big whoop, Tidus looks a bit more crisp – who cares?

Instead of using the team’s time to make something cool and original, they’re like “you, go and redraw these sprites so they look prettier”. It’s a lazy, money grabbing concept.

I recently found an article that says there’s a 9/2 chance of Goldeneye being remade (I don’t think it’s happening yet, but there’s a decent chance of it happening). Goldeneye was one of the best multiplayer games on the planet, however, I think that compared to modern FPS games, the controls are a bit naff and people would moan. They would have to update a LOT about it.

Another thing – sometimes when a game is “re-imagined” it just totally ruins the legacy it was supposed to breath new life into. Example: the remake of Mario 64 for DS was just horrible. It looked nice, but did not play well at all. It was far more natural to play on an N64 and DS shouldn’t have even been considered for it. Similarly, I know a lot of Silent Hill fans have problems with Shattered Memories – it’s just nothing like the original game, only the premise of “I lost my daughter” is the same. It could have been fine as its own game, but adding “Silent Hill” to it somehow made it worse.

I love remakes

I can’t say that all remakes are bad. There are a lot of games I would not have been able to play without a port or remake of some kind. This is the true value of remakes. To bring the game to the people who missed the chance to play it the first time round.

And, if there’s a need for a port (for example, bringing Final Fantasy to Windows Phone) it is sometimes stupid not to do the graphics/sound improvement. I own the soundtracks for the first 3 Final Fantasy games…but they are not the original soundtracks because the original soundtracks…hurt… a lot. I’m all for 8Bit, but y’know.

So, going back to “why would you HD Remake a game except for money?” I understand that games that were created 10+ years ago looked the way they didn’t because of graphical limitation, not artistic choice. Undertale has old style graphics because that was the creators choice, so it’s okay. However, going back to the idea of “what if they remade Goldeneye” Sean Bean looks like this:



When he is obviously meant to look like this:



So I would understand the idea of a remake because maybe the original technologies didn’t live up to what the creators had in mind. So maybe it’s done because the creator honestly wants to see their original vision properly realised.

Your thoughts?

I have lot of thoughts about remakes. I don’t think they should “never” be done, but I do think that sometimes a good old game should be left alone. What do you think?

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