On My Own Review

Hi all, time for another Kickstart review, today it is On My Own by Indie game designer, Beach Interactive. It is a single player game that allows you to explore a forest, and make your own adventure. You can buy it on Steam: On My Own by Beach Interactive.

On My Own

Console: PC
What kind of game is this?: A game where you can endlessly explore, and build things, in a throwback pixel style.
What’s the goal? Whatever you want it to be. Not dying is a good goal.

On My Own is a game that I backed On Kickstarter a little while back. They were very quick at delivering the game, but bear in mind it’s still in “early access”, so there are a few bugs and things to be worked out, but that’s okay.

On My Own Shack

In On My Own, you travel up into the mountains, and set up a shack. Your goal is to use nature to help you survive. You have some instructions given to you when you start the game, but they’re very basic “how to move, how to use items, how to combine items” not “go over here, chop this wood, carry it back, make a fire”. It’s a nice throw-back to simpler times.

On My Own Raspberry Picking

This game is not particularly easy, because you actually have to learn just how far your limits go. How much can you carry, how far can you walk before the day is over? How exactly do you trap animals? Can I eat anything other than raspberries?

Trapping an animal On My Own

I think it’s a good exercise in thinking for yourself. Whenever you get new items, there are hints as to how to obtain new items, and it’s pretty nice. However, it’s not really the kind of game I personally would play a lot, because I’m more into story driven games, rather than creating my own story. But I think other people could enjoy this game a lot.

My favourite thing about this game was the soundtrack – it’s a very beautiful guitar, and it suits the world it was created for so much.I think the music is by Cody Qualley (if not, he’s a good musician, check him out).

Can I recommend On My Own? I say, wait until it is out of Early Access, as there are a few bugs that can kill your game at the minute. If you’re into games that are soothing, and just let you build things and live your life without violence or fear, yes, I say give it a try. It’s a lovely addition to your pixel collection.

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