How to open the World Map in Final Fantasy for Windows Phone

Hi guys, quick one today. I began playing Final Fantasy for Windows Phone. and thought I’d post a guide on how to open the World Map – the game doesn’t really make it obvious!

Final Fantasy Windows Phone

Final Fantasy Windows Phone Overworld

You see the status bar in the bottom right? When you press it, it takes you to the menu. To open the world map in Final Fantasy for Windows Phone you have to hold the status bar. So instead of just pressing it, you need to hold it down.

Have fun!


  1. durrr says:

    Thank you so much, I didn’t even know you have a map in this game. lol I had a jpg map saved in my phone and I kept switching between the game and the photo viewer. I love this game, new to the series.

  2. Gurjit Singh says:

    Actually I just bought a new Windows Phone. Its Nokia Lumia 520. I hope this game will work on my phone. Gonna try your tip soon. And also if you could tell me some great games to try on Windows Phone, that will be great.
    Thanks and Regards.

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