Pokémon Global Trade (GTS) Negotiations: Etiquette

Here is a post I never thought I would have to write.

In this post I’m going to teach people how to trade Pokémon online via the Pokémon Global Trade (GTS) Negotiations. And how to do it politely.

Pokemon GTS Global Trade Station Negotiations

Tradin can be fun and easy if you follow my guide!

I affectioatly dub this way of trading Pokémon ‘trading with douchebags/dickheads’ because so many stupid /rude people that use this service.

If someone can provide screenshots for this, that would be amazing, I’ll link back to your website and stuff)

The Basics: How to get started

  • You need a WEP Internet connection. I do not know how to make your router into WEP, but I’m sure if you ask a techie person, they might be about to help you
  • Put at least 2 Pokémon into your party.
  • Go to a Pokémon Centre, talk to the woman in the top right. Select: Global Trade: GTS Negotiations
  • Save your game, connect to Nintendo Wifi and away you go!
  • Choosing the Pokémon you want to trade/trade for

  • On the main screen, you can select the level of Pokémon you want to trade, as well as other options like ‘scary’ ‘cute’ ‘cool’ Pokémon. Keep in mind that what is ‘cute’ to one trainer might not be to another, these are all subjective.
  • Search for a person to trade with
  • Start trading!
  • Pokémon Trading Etiquette

    Now, here we get to the wonderful feature that allows 2 people without a language in common to negotiate a Pokémon trade. It’s an amazing piece of technology, just use it properly!

    You will see:

  • A screen with all your boxes on it.
  • Some icons: A smiley face (:D), A Sad face (D:), A heart (♥), An exclaimation mark (!) and over on the right hand side a swapping symbol and a ‘back symbol’. Please learn how to use these!
  • When meeting someone for a Pokémon trade, use the smiled face (:D) to acknowledge each other and say ‘Hi, I’m a friendly person that wants to trade Pokémon with you!’
  • If you have specific Pokémon you are willing to trade, show them to your partner and wait for a response. If you would rather they show you, wait for them to show you their Pokémon and make a response.
  • When to use the smiley face (:D)

  • At the start of a trade
  • If you partner shows you a Pokémon you would like to trade for
  • When your partner gives confirmation that they would like to trade for one of the Pokémon they’re showing you. Ideally you should again make a smiley face (:D) to show you’re ready to trade.
  • After the trade is complete to say ‘thank you!’
  • Do Not: make a smiley face and then be an ass and just fuck off, it’s just mean.
  • When to use the sad face (D:)

  • When your partner shows you a Pokémon you would not like to trade for.
  • Do Not: Hit this button more than once for any Pokémon shown or for the duration of the trade. It’s really annoying and not very useful to the person trading Pokémon with you.
  • Do Not: Hit this button if your trade partner doesn’t want to trade for any of the Pokémon you’ve shown them. It happens, showing a sad face just confuses them and makes you look slightly childish.
  • When to use the heart (♥)

  • When your trade partner shows you a Pokémon that you’re really desperate to get. This shows them that you’ll show them a lot of Pokémon in order to get it
  • After this trade of extreme importance is complete
  • When to use the exclaimation mark

  • If your trade partner appears to be idle
  • If your trade partner isn’t happy with the Pokémon you’re showing them and you’re trying to find a suitable one. It shows that you’re still there but are searching for a Pokémon to trade
  • Do Not Use this if someone happens to be slightly slow with selecting Pokémon but you can see that they’re scrolling to find one you might like.

    When you hit the ‘trade’ button

  • Only after it’s been made clear that you both want to trade or the other person has already selected.

    Advanced Tips

  • If you’re looking for a specific Pokémon you should probably try the normal GTS first. If you have no luck, state in your little battle card description (can’t remember how to access this but it’s somewhere in your ‘options’ or ‘character’ section) that you’re looking to trade for this. However, both of these only work if you’ve seen the Pokémon before.
  • If you have not seen the Pokémon before you mgiht want to state that you want to trade for another in the family that you have seen. For example, you want a Dusknoir but have only seen a Duskull. Say something like ‘My favourite Pokémon is DUSKULL’ in your battle card description and the person on the toher end might be clever enough to show you the whole family.
  • If you only want shineys, include ‘COLOR CHANGE’ in your battle card description.
  • If you only want legendaries include ‘LEGEND’ in your battle card description
  • If you’re after a Pokémon you have never seen any of the family for, this is a little tricky – you can try to name a signature move in your battle card description or spell out the name in your boxes so that the other person can see.
  • Anyway, I hope this helped – Happy Trading!

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