Pokemon White 2 Review

Hi guys, a little while back I did a review of Pokémon White. I only recently got around to playing the sequel, Pokémon White 2.

Pokemon White 2

Console: DS
Should I play it? If you’re a Pokémon fan, yeah, why not, if you’re a new player, I would stick to one of the current gen main series games (at the time that is X&Y)
Best part about it: Access to different Pokémon than White offered

So, for every Pokémon series, they release two games at once (Blue & Red, Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl, Black & White) which are effectively the same game, but you can catch different Pokémon in each. AKA a brilliant marketing ploy. Then a year or a few years later they release a third instalment (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum) which is typically an improved version (better story, slightly different mechanics, different Pokémon again). But in the end they’re releasing the same game 3 times within a year or two.

Now, due to REASONS, they decided that instead of releasing “Gray” as a third installment they would release 2 sequels: Black & White 2. This is the first time they had done this so it was kind of a big deal.

So what this means is that you have a new player character:

Pokemon black white 2 players

A story that continues from the story in Black & White

Pokemon black white 2 team plasma boat

And some new gym leaders

Pokemon black white 2 Roxie Gym

Locations that you couldn’t visit before

Pokemon black white 2 sewers

And of course, new baddies that are kind of the old baddies but not exactly

Neo Team Plasma

And to me the question stands: is this enough to make a game with? I’ve never really gone along with the hype that the 3rd installment seemed to get. Although I have played 3 of 4 “3rd installments” (Yellow was the only 1st gen I played, I bought Emerald for my girlfriend to play while I played Sapphire, and I played it on a replay, and Platinum I was bought by my mum who doesn’t really understand that it’s not a ‘new game’ as such … I didn’t really rate Platinum). So yes, I appreciate that this time they made a different game story, with the gameplay, locations, and Pokémon all the same as before, I felt it didn’t have “enough” to be a “must play” game.


Don’t get me wrong, the story was pretty decent – Black & White really pushed the boat out with the story where none of the other games in the series had. Black & White 2 kept up with a pretty decent story, which is nice.

Overall I did enjoy the game. I praised Black & White for only allowing you to catch Unova region Pokémon until the end of the game – it added more variety than “this cave is full of Zubat and Geodude”. Black and White 2 allows you to catch Pokémon from all kinds of regions which makes sense, because by the end of Black and White, all kinds of Pokémon where making it past Unova’s borders. It made this game more than a repeat of the previous one.

Oh and um, there’s a new mini-game…

Pokestar Studios Prince

Yeah, it’s better than Pokémon Musicals (thank God) but still… Pokémon, your mini-games are… lacking (except for Pokéathlon because that’s awesome)

What are your opinions of Pokémon’s first sequel?

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