Princess Maker 2 Review

Hello all, welcome to my Princess Maker 2 review. It’s a very Japanese game, that I just had to play, and have played several times.

Princess Maker 2 Cover

Console I played it for PC but…
What is “Princess Maker”? You raise a young girl to become a princess, as it says
What do you mean “very Japanese” Well, it’s a sim game about raising a little girl, and there’s also an RPG part…

I first became interested in Princess Maker 2 because of the Let’s Play that was done. This game is played by someone who knows what they’re doing and wants to showcase as much as possible.

I’m played a few times and still mostly have no idea what I’m doing. Anyway, you find this ten year old girl:

Princess Maker 2 screenshot

This is her

and you decide to raise her. Oh, you’re her adoptive father by the way. You’re a great hero and you have a butler and the Kingdom gives you money.

So, as you can see, she has lots of stats. I couldn’t tell you what half of them effect, but I’ll tell you this much – there are 70 endings to this game, so they all effect something. Not to mention there are some hidden stats such as her relationships with certain people.

Your main task is to organise her time – decide what classes she takes, what jobs she does, and whether she goes on adventures or not.

Princess Maker 2 Working


The main way to get money is to send your daughter to work. There are a few different jobs requiring different skills. Working stresses her out, and may make certain skills go down. More jobs become available as she gets older. Including… working at a sleazy bar… Yep.

Princess Maker 2 Classes

Classes cost money

To up her stats, the best way is to send her to classes. Classes are quite costly, and if she’s stressed she won’t learn anything. But being better at class allows her to work better and eventually up her wages.

Princess Maker 2 RPG

And the RPG section

Princess Maker 2 is a sim game with some RPG element, which is… pretty random! By exploring she can find gold, fight monsters, become a good fighter and find other treasures. Oh yes, she can sometimes meet things/people:

Princess Maker 2 RPG Fairy

Meeting random fairies…

There is also a to of weird stuff like

  • You can choose her outfits. Sounds normal, but some of the outfits are… not… for children
  • You can help her marry certain people. Sounds normal, but those people include her father, the devil and a dragon
  • You can help her get her dream job. Sounds normal, eh? Jobs include queen or darkness, prostitute and other lovely things
  • Oh and you can buy pills to increase her bust size. Yep
  • However because I am mostly a normal person this is the ending I’d usually get:

    Princess Maker 2 Artist Ending

    Artist Ending! Hooray I am normal!

    Princess Maker 2 was an abandoned game, so you can download it online for free, but I’m not going to link out – because to be honest, some of those sites are pretty dodgy.

    But play it, it’s a fun couple of hours.

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