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Hello dear readers and welcome to a long awaited review of Qora a game that was built because of a project on Kickstarter. It is a beautiful indie game and I encourage you all to give it a try.

Qora Logo

Console: PC
Reminds me of: Knytt – it’s a beautiful, ambient, exploration game.
How long is this game? About 3 hours

Qora is a game that was originally known as Spirit. I backed it on Kickstarter because I thought the art looked great, the music was lovely and it had a lot of potential. I am so glad that I backed this project.

Qora is an interesting game because to some people they might not really consider it a game other than “push right and occasionally another button” but then again, Mario and Sonic are basically this. However, you cannot die in Qora, there are no special timings involved, you can’t really even get lost.

But you can explore the beautiful world.

Spirit Qora Poster

Above is an old promo poster from back when the game was called spirit. All the levels are designed in a kind of ambient retro style. Some are simple fields with wind blowing, but as you get further into the game you get to see some stunning pixel art backgrounds like crystal caves and temples.

Qora Game Temple

The plot of the game is simple – you move to a new town and suddenly get the ability to see into the past. You can’t truly interact with the past but the way it is presented to you tells a story in a unique and beautiful way.

Part of your abilities allow you to see this spirit who you then begin to follow. The spirit leads you through the beautiful lands I’ve described above and you get to learn about them along the way.

Qora Game Past Ghost

You have a few tools at your disposal to complete the game, one of which allows you to communicate with large creatures.

Qora Monster Beast Creature

They are few, but each has an interesting design and I just love cool looking monsters so…

I mentioned before that I fell in love with the music… You can listen to the entire Qora Soundtrack here but here is one of my favourite songs

If you have 3 hours to sit and let your mind unwind, to enjoy a beautiful story, I suggest Qora. You can buy Qora on Steam for PC & Mac.

Let me know if you’ve played this game!

I am in the credits :)

Qora Credits

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  1. Rowandro says:

    This game seems very artistic indeed. Also nice to see great new games appearing through Kickstarter.

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